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Lucid Dreams

Has anyone or does anyone have Lucid Dreams on here?

I believe I may have had two before, years ago but im not 100% sure.

Basically I knew I was 'awake', I was in a field where there was a house, I can only describe it that it 'felt' like it was Autumn time, I also was convinced I was in America.

Reason I ask is because I could, or what I felt like I could, was feel the wind, I could hear the leaves rustling around me off trees. I felt in control to a degree, I was actually able to say to myself - let's go over there and I could. Normally in a dream I have zero control.

I had another dream experience, where I was in a pub and reached out at a girls jeans and could feel the texture of them.

It's quite hard to explain, but it feels like its reality, I felt like I was transported to the pub, it was busy, loud, could see and hear people, it's almost like your looking through the eyes of someone else.

It's a very cool experience, it's probably hard for people to understand if they have never experienced it. I was genuinely worried in the pub one I was going to get slapped for reaching out at this persons jeans that I snapped out of it then woke up. Bit of a blank period between the dream and waking up.

I should note these all happened in my old home, I also had sleep psychosis atleast once, probably twice, again in my old house. First time I was awake but couldnt move, scary feeling but relaxed and fell asleep, second time I felt like something dragged me into my bedroom wall. Again it sounds a bit crazy but people who have experienced it will know exactly what I mean!

Has anyone else had similar experiences?
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I have had many similar experiences. I lucid dream from time to time like the ways you are describing. Having control and being able to experience different sensations in REM sleep is pretty cool. However, I can't really remember any specific instances on what happened during the dream Sad

I have been victim to sleep paralysis (i think thats what you meant to say?) dozens of times. I too only had this happen to me at my old house. I felt like I was awake but I stuck in bed and couldn't move? Each time this happened to me I would experience a nightmarish sensation. It was very strange. That is pretty much the only type of nightmares I would have. The dream would end once I finally was able to get out of bed (it took a while) and then exited the front door of my house.

The human body is very interesting organism indeed. Know anyone who has had an out of body experience? Hallucinogens make rather interesting things happen when you take them Tongue
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I prefer halogens over hallucinogens. But as with everything, you need to watch out not to use too much. With hallucinogens "too much" is surprisingly easy to reach.
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Halogens are more more dangerous the hallucinogens, as the group is mostly mode up of poisons of various degrees of poisonness that have been used as chemical weapons. The do make nice salts tho.

Oh and this of course:

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Yeah kojn, I have lucid dreams sometimes, it usually happens when I'm very tired.
Most of the time I wake up almost immediately when I realize that I'm dreaming, but sometimes I can keep dreaming and control everything (I usually decide to fly... flying is cool). And yes, these dreams are very realistic.

I experience sleep paralysis a lot, sometimes it's very scary and it's like there's a demon in my bedroom. It can last several minutes Sad
Being paralysed while you're dreaming is normal (in order to prevent you from moving and having accidents), but sometimes paralysis remains for a few minutes after you woke up, hence this "daydream" sensation and ghost/demon stories.

I had a couple of them, a long time ago. I never took any substance to induce them and I never really tried to "train" to have them but I find them fascinating.
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I had a few in the past. They would feel more than real, the sensation of wind on my face or touching a cold, wet wall was so intense. One particular time i dreamed i stood with a crowd of people and became aware i was dreaming. I didn't know what to do. I said something like "Guys.... this is a dream, you're in my dream!" They looked at me with a mix of disbelief, ignorance and disturbance. I'm still fascinated thinking back. I gotta figure out how to dream lucid again.
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