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what do you think of this?

fork of gtkradiant... dunno, maybe could be useful.

Q: Can DarkRadiant be used for Half-Life, Quake 3, or other games as well (apart from Doom 3)?

A: No. DarkRadiant has been specialised for the Doom 3 engine only (and the Dark Mod). It's possible to use it for other Doom 3 modifications though, it's usually enough to specify the fs_game setting in the preferences. Quake 4 Editing should be possible, but it's not tested towards that game.

we have netradiant >.>

yeah.. but i thought, MaaAAAaaYBE someone hates using it, and an alternative is never bad. but as parasti pointed out, its not.

whats this? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->

you can use gtk radiant 1.4.0 ... but i will prefer Net Radiant for Xonotic.
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