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[SOLVED] Broken maps in both Nexuiz and Xonotic MP

In Nexuiz and Xonotic both, all non-standard MP maps (that is, maps that aren't packaged with the game) don't render properly. What I mean is that all of the actual things in the map aren't there. Collisions still work, and I can see other players, guns, and pickups just fine, but none of the actual map geometry is visible. I just see a vast void with pickups and players running around.

I've completely redownloaded Nexuiz, and it still didn't work, but after seeing that it also happens on Xonotic, I think that there's something weird with my system. Does anyone know what might fix this, or at least what the problem might be?

I'm using Linux Mint 7, and I have an nvidia 9600 video card, with the most recent nvidia driver, 2.8GHz AMD processor, and 2GB RAM.

You may be missing libcurl. Can you check the error messages at the top of the console?
BRLOGENSHFEGLE (core dumped)

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I usually fix it by going into my Nexuiz/dlcache directory and deleting any 0kb or ridiculously small files (take caution, though).

Sometimes it can just be a one off error when downloading, this happens to me a lot.
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(06-07-2010, 02:15 AM)divVerent Wrote: You may be missing libcurl. Can you check the error messages at the top of the console?

That was it! Got libcurl and tested it and it worked great! Thanks for the help.

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