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RA jumps on Aerowalk (in 24 different games)


I posted my 100a jumps video to this forum a while ago last year and little bit later I became obsessed about Aerowalk and RA jumps specifically. Basically, I've gone through every game that I could think of, that has 1. a port/remake of Aerowalk 2. challenging enough movement 3. preferably players that play it enough to appreciate the video. 4. If nobody plays it then fuck you I'll do it anyway. Why did I do this? For personal fun, I'm enthusiastic about movement tricks and because I'm bored. Also, since Aerowalk is literally everywhere the RA jump is a good place for reference, it being so iconic and all. Sit back and enjoy the playlist and if you're curious about just one game in particular, you can skip right to it.

Games include:

Deathmatch Classic
DeFRaG (VQ3)
Doom 3
Open Arena
Paintball 2
Quake 2
Quake Live
Quake Live (PQL)
Quake 4
Ultrono Arena
Urban Terror
Vore Tournament

Games that I wanna do:

HLDM1 (giff aerowalk)
HLDM2 (giff aerowalk)
Painkiller (needs an aerowalk)
Diabotical (giff game)
Protonwar (if it's even real)
ProjectRIK (need a computer to run it)
Insight (??? maybe)
UT4 (need a computer to run it)
Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory (needs an aerowalk)
Star Trek Elite Force (needs an aerowalk)
Star Wars Jedi Academy (needs an aerowalk)
+ I'm up for suggestions and challenges

Typical stuff I go for:

Airstrafing / Bunnyhop / Strafe jumping
Regular circle jumps
Backwards circle jumps
Circle jumps using only forward
Circle jumps using only left or right (or both)
Circle jumps without mouse
Game specific/exclusive tricks
General originality (not always possible)

I think you've might have played this map more than any other person in the world Big Grin

That being said it is interesting to see each niche of movement in these games.
[Image: 38443.png]

I'm just amazed that anybody can be a virtuoso in so many different games. The world is so unfair.


Nice initiative, +1

Big Grin 
I know Painkiller game seriesBlush, and I'm pretty good on it, so I'm so impressedWink if you make the aerowalk map in PK game.
Make it ! It's very good....
[Image: 69200.png]

(01-08-2016, 12:42 PM)[*Mr.Chri$*] Wrote: I know Painkiller game seriesBlush, and I'm pretty good on it, so I'm so impressedWink if you make the aerowalk map in PK game.
Make it ! It's very good....
I actually tried, but I couldn't run paineditor.. You should definitely pass that suggestion around though, maybe someone will pick it up! I'd be videoing it asap.


Added Warxon:

Note: I used Xonotic's hub3aeroq3a_nex_r4 on this video, which means the scale is slightly bigger and challenge harder!

Time to Practice Smile


Updated the Xonotic video, more techniques, more challenges, brighter video and 60fps! First jump should be easy enough for everyone, even Mirio can do it.

Song by Archer (AquaNova)

Added PQL, Quake Live's poopy version of CPM:

Some pretty G like moves there! Really good Smilecythe. Cool
[Image: 542.png]

#deathmatchers @



Try some of these:

Ultrono Arena
Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory/Return To Castle Wolfenstein (If there is a version for it, I know there's a DM4)
Doom 2

clownFart from also made an Aerowalk for HLDM2, however I'm not sure if he has it. I also remember playing a version of Aerowalk in Adrenaline Gamer (HL1DM mod), can't find the file though.

Added Sauerbraten:

Added Vore Tournament:



You should also do Xonotic with other Physics configs (they're all located in the data pk3)


Hello its thimo here, your below-average mover but.. THATS EASY on ut99 Big Grin

(03-10-2016, 02:39 PM)thimo Wrote: THATS EASY on ut99 Big Grin

[Image: cwsdgUV.jpg]

Here some overbounce magic from VQ3 defrag to even it out:


Atleast one fuck should be give, coz that really is easy one 8D

Half Life : Adrenaline Gamer would be a good game to try for a hub demo
[Image: 38443.png]


ask Kristus from r/arenafps for an alpha of Doombringer and do some jumps in that

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