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New From North America Quake 2 Railwarz CTF

Please do not ban me as I have every intention of playing this game. I love instaGib with hook its my fave Quake2 mod. You guys have no idea how excited I am to find another game that is close to my favorite game ever! I have tried Quakelive and it blows imo. there is not grapple no hook well maybe there is but they do not enable it so i cant play with it. someone mentioned this game on reddit and i had to find out what it is. I hope you all still play this game still today? I will be downloading it soon and hope to join you all! anyone who can help me get started much appreciated.

now a little history about myself.

I am a long time Quake 2 Railwarz instaGib CTF player with offhand lazer +hook.

any of you who have never heard of Quake 2 Railwarz CTF. its the fastest mod you will ever play
we have games every night on ACME TMG Railwarz CTF server. avg 10-20+ people every night for some of the most intense instaGib CTF you will ever play. if you love speed please stop by and give it a try. I will be letting everyone in the railwarz community know about this Xonotic game if it still exists and games are played.

ACME TMG Railwarz CTF server is located in Washington DC we get people from all around the world playing there mainly USA and Canada n Mexico. but quite a few Euros stop by even a guy from Austrailia.
we have a Ventrilo Server on just message me or someone or ask anyone on server for the password.

download Quake2 here its free hold ESC key for couple seconds to access menu in game server browser built into q2pro client -
railwarz server list and forums and community
reddit group with many useful links, screenshots, vidz, place to get help.
facebook group of about 400+ people dedicated to Quake 2 Railwarz CTF

badass video of Samurai Castles LFCTF5 with some nice music.

anyone who can help me get started playing Xonotic please contact me
also if interested in playing Railwarz CTF please contact me or show up on ACME Railwarz CTF any evening 7 nights a week 7PM Eastern - Midnight sometimes earlier or later. but every night is busy


im looking to play the instaGib CTF +hook version of xonotic or nexuiz is this the same game or are they two different games?

still trying to do my research.

thank you!

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Welcome to Xonotic!
InstaGib+Hook CTF is very popular around here, should feel right at home. There's still plenty of players to go around, just gotta meet up at the right time for crowds to form.
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Hello and welcome! Like Mario said, CTF Minsta / Hook is very popular in Xonotic, at least in Europe it is. Be sure to check out some of the other servers too though! Wink

Quote:im looking to play the instaGib CTF +hook version of xonotic or nexuiz is this the same game or are they two different games?

Xonotic is a fork of Nexuiz. Read more about it in the FAQ if you're interested.
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Yo Welcome to Xonotic!


More the merrier. Always good to see more people discover the game.
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Hi there

Minsta CTF is quite prevalent here in Xonotic and it is a lot of fun. Definitely the best hook action of any game I've ever played. There are lots of very strong players Smile

Xonotic is the successor of Nexuiz. You can download it at and extract the files to wherever. I'm not sure which executable is the best but I'm on Windows 7 and I run WGL. That part is still confusing to me Tongue
[Image: 38443.png]

Cool so WGU is a Windows client or port I take it?

I'm on windows 7 also my pc is in storage.

Moving in to new place soon.

Excited to give this a try watched a bunch of you tube videos last night looks awesome!

I'll be hopping on north american or European instaGib CTF servers soon as I download it.

I'm sure getting the aim n mouse sensitivity down will be my biggest challenge when starting. That the biggest read I didn't stick to quake live

Since you guys have instaGibCTF +hook I'll probably be more patient n go the extra mile to figure out how to adjust my mouse settings Smile

Thank you for the welcome looking forward to this

Tempted to download on my work laptop tonight lol

Good thing is that Xonotic doesn't need to be installed, it runs directly from the extracted archive. No admin rights required.

You might want to have a look at the Newbie Corner to discover the specifics of Xonotic movement and to find out how to configure it to your needs.
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New to Xonotic? Check out the Newbie Corner!


Just open Quake 2 and measure how many cm it takes to do a 360. Then try to adapt your sensitivity into Xonotic that way using your measurement.
[Image: 38443.png]

You're in for a ride, Xonotic without hook on itself is arguably faster than Q2 with hooks Tongue

Just got moved in new place n pc outta storage should be installing this weekend!

ive been playing on Dallas instaCTF server anyone else play there?

ill be checking out the euro servers too

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