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Discord server

Hi, i've created a discord server for xonotic because why not... It's called "Tommy's Xonotic server" just in case people want to make an official server for the game. Anyone free to join, here's the link:

it's EU though.
Updated the link, now it should always work.

Your invitation has expired btw


I think this would make the community closer. It would ease general communication and discussion. What do you guys think?

Thanks in advance.

we have 3 discord servers actually. heres the main one
[Image: 38443.png]

Don't forget most of the community is on IRC on the general and pickup channels. A lot of servers also have their chat connected to IRC so you can see where the action is taking place.

IRC has the benefit of being proven by time (which means it won't for example mess with sound in your browser like discord just did Wink ) and has clients for every platform imaginable.
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I'll make a professional Discord server if you guys want me to.

(01-29-2017, 10:06 PM)Beagle Wrote: I'll make a professional Discord server if you guys want me to.

[Image: KK3Y5Rl_.png]
[Image: 38443.png]

For those who can't / don't want to use the Discord app but still want to interact with Discord users, you can join #xonotic-discord on Quakenet IRC.
There's a bot here that is linked to the #xonotic_pickup channel on the Xonotic Discord server (the one that SPLAT mentioned). This bot will forward IRC messages to Discord, and vice-versa.

Maybe add link to this "official" discord server to main website page?
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Just to say I noticed that discord server is now bridged to #xonotic on Quakenet IRC (that's the way I discovered it Big Grin ).
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Would love to meet up with you on the Xonotic Discord server. If you don't know Discord is like IRC or Slack where you can meet and chat with other people. Just go to or click the link in my signature. If this is not a appropriate message or the wrong place to post about it just let me know!

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There is already one
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(09-10-2018, 01:07 PM)Cortez666 Wrote: nope.

There is already one

Thanks! Didn't see this post on my own!
--- - All-female Xonotic clan
--- - My suite of utilities for Linux server operators

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