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Which Quake 3 Client should I use?

I want to play Quake 3 but I haven't decided which client to use. Right now I'm using ioquake which is basically dead when playing cpma. Is there any popular client to use for Linux users?

- Thanks Kotaku

I use EZQ3. I used this tutorial step by step to install CPMA:

^You can also install defrag in similar manner. Just have to find the mod from somewhere else.

The deadness of CPMA has nothing to do with the client though, it's just kind of dead overall anyway. You might wanna join #cpmpickup on Quakenet or Quake 3 CPMA on Discord for organized pickup/duel arrangements. Personally I recommend the latter.

Thanks, but thats Windows. Should I use, it is also listed in cpma installation.

You need the pak0.pk3 and the things inside the The installer can be optional (a linux version for example) I think. Half of the installing is manual arrangement of files and folders.

And if the whatever installer you pick doesn't install a CPMA, then you need to get those files from somewhere. This often doesn't require an install, just drag and drop.

Edit: Some installers might include pak0 or things from the zip, I'm not sure. In that case you might not need to overwrite them with manual arrangement.

I already know how to install CPMA, and I do have pak0.pk3, I already installed ioquake3 with CPMA with pak0.pk3. The client (ioquake3) I'm using right now has no population when playing CPMA. I was just seeing recommended clients.

Like I said. It doesn't matter what client you're using because you're accessing the same population with all of them. You need to get in touch with the community and hop in some pickup games once you see that they're looking for players.

Quakenet: #cpmpickup or #cpmduel

Oh okay, thanks.

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