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Screenshots of what you're doing.

(05-07-2019, 01:59 PM)Justin Wrote: Not exactly for Xonotic but I just wanted to share my recent project with you guys:

Made in Blender.
Thanks for the support!

It's really nice! The rocks and the cathedral complemets each other in the overall forgotten and ruined theme.
But I see some room for improvement that I'd like to share (not that I could do any better).

Anyhow (like what I'd expect if it aims for AAA, for which it -imo- has the potential to):
-generally the scene could use more contrast. Maybe make the boulders dark grey and/or the cathedral darker. Maybe move away from sandstone-like stuff to something more solid-looking.
-with the elements you use you could tell a story of how things fell apart. like what rock teared down which wall etc. It also shows you where to put more detail and why and thus makes it sematically coherent.

[Image: LHmzOPl.png]
-the arcs of gothic stuff has a specific arc-layout of the stones.
-the rocks look too heavy for being supported by that roof-thingy on the right
-who lights the candles in a ruin? maybe its artistically ok but I'd suggest you to adjust the outer lighting.
(maybe bright day, in sandstone cathedral with dark grey rocks)

[Image: 2AQfsHw.png]
-the left side is beautiful. just want to point this out
-the other blue lines should indicate to make this a solid boulder rather than a chunk of individual rocks
-the plants should look more alive in semantic contrast to the dead ruins

[Image: hOEo1jX.png]
-maybe some more support arcs sticking out of the wall. they could align with the railing and maybe also root into the abyss. should look nice when walking trough
-actually the stone-arc here is quite complete only the top middle missing. (they were mandatory for structural reasons)

EDIT: ok correcting some stuff:
-the arcs are actually built correctly if i look at this:
[Image: Amiens_Cath%C3%A9drale_Notre-dame_arc-bo...-est_4.jpg]

Thanks, man! Good feedback! (feels just like old times). I have been working on stained glass. Do you think it added contrast?
The problem might be that I am overusing the fog... It was supposed to be a night scene but with crazy auto exposure settings Unreal made it a bit... washed out.
I actually considered making it more... realistic and believable but I had to take care of other parts of map... Its huge! For example I wanted adding the flying buttresses (like you have drawn) outside the cathedral.... There was very little room for them, since they covered the view around the bridge. I had to resign from many options. After all I am a level designer and the biggest priority is always the movement and clarity. I had to make the whole map consistent and good looking, even if it meant that it won't look as good as one would like.
I completely agree with the continuity issues with rocks. There are small individual pieces that are put together to form larger ones... That's the price I had to pay for modularity. When it is better to make individual, unique rock pieces it's often worse for buyers, who can't use them in their own way. 
Once again, thank you!
And thanks to everyone else who liked it! Your words mean a lot!

With the new settings it looks better.

The stained glass is actually something i wanted to suggest to you but they don't seem to cast colored shadows :c (have to wait till rtx gets mainstream)

The windows look a bit too colorful imo. They should have an overall theme. I'd consider them as colorful detail but not adding to the contrast in general.
My naive advise:
Maybe take a step back and look at the whole picture. Be more daring with colors. And if you want realism, take materials that contrast and complement each other.
With contrast particular I meant the whole image (or any arbitrary taken from any angle and position in your map but as whole picture itself)
To me the rocks and the cathedral stone look to similar, not differentiable enough.
Maybe try making the rocks somewhat darker.

The roofs I'd make dark like from that old (before getting rid of the roof) photo of notre dome.

Also the random pattern of the cathedral bricks look odd. (and there im just niggling again ;P)
Nah srsly the guys who built cathedrals had a kinda perfectionistic mindset i'd say as they were building it for their greatest belief.
So it must look perfect in layout and placement. The rotten looks you can generate by foliage growing in between, cracks, notches, erosion, holes etc. Basaically look at how those stones erode over time.
Then the question is if someone maintains the buildings? Yes: candles lit; No: broken rocks inside etc.

Some ideas:
Don't know how much you want to go into detail but imagine the guys building your cathedral. You could tell little stories of how they built it and what they did there. Where they repaired stuff. Maybe a worker fell off the cliff and got his name engraved at the place. Some markings. Something that makes it seem like they were people involved.

My recent works, published on sketchfab with music I composed. Hopefully you will like it! Once the model is loaded: Left mouse click and drag to orbit, right click and drag to pan, scroll to zoom in and out. They are animated! All made in Blender 2.8 beta (Blender FTW)
  • Haunted forge:
  • Flying ship:
  • Cute submarine:
  • dancing umbrellas:

Nice composition! the texture scale is a little on the large side on some pieces, but if i needed someit like those for a funded project it would be damn worth it imo.

I can't make textures so when I actually finish this map I'm going to leave it as grey concrete.

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Xonotic exists for a long time and low player count is the proof that nobody wants to play Xonotic since it is a bad game by default.
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(08-23-2019, 04:33 AM)Antares* Wrote: I can't make textures so when I actually finish this map I'm going to leave it as grey concrete.

These shapes strongly remind me of map called frosthalo

Looks like that someone is trying to study the architecture bases for the maps, sounds fascinating. Although it can be a bit of a hard effort.
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(03-23-2010, 10:19 AM)CuBe0wL Wrote: [Image: 453zmmvibmuk3zc83tv_thumb.jpg]

Excuse me, CuBe0wL (or C.Brutail), I would like to get your map, this logo looks very well assembled and I don't know where is your map. 
Please, could you share the map included with those textures if possible?
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