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Xonotic World Cup Series Major #2

Hello Xonoticans!

This is the second part of the new Xonotic World Cup Series

Read all information about the Major/Minor here:

1. General

Join #xonotic.cup ( )

1.1 Double Elimination

There will be a Winner Bracket and a Loser Bracket.
If you lose a match, you will drop to the Loser Bracket and continue playing.
If you lose again you are out of the tournament

1.2 Schedule

Saturday, 15th July 2017: Check-in: 18:00 CEST | Tournament start: 19:00 CEST | End: Winner Bracket Semifinal / Loser Bracket Round 4 //
Sunday, 16th July 2017: Start: 19:00 CEST

If a player has to leave for some time, he has to message one of the admins! We will try to schedule his match a bit later then.
If you do not let an admin know then you might get disqualified from the tournament for delaying matches.

1.3 Demos
Admins can ask a player to give them their demos. If a player refuses to give them, a warn will be issued.

1.4 Registration
You can register from NOW until the tournament starts by a) posting here or b) messaging an admin or c) show up in #xonotic.cup at given date!

1.5 Admins
[Image: 55.gif] Mirio; [Image: 55.gif] packer; [Image: 100.gif] thearcoN

2. Matches organisation

2.1 How-to
Simple: Talk to your opponent (#xonotic.cup!) and play it on one of the follwing servers.

2.2 Servers | - [Duel Cup] wtwrp (1) - [Germany] | - [Duel Cup] wtwrp (2) - [Germany] | - [Duel Cup] wtwrp (3) - [Germany] | - [Duel Cup] devfull (1) - [Germany] | - [Duel Cup] devfull (2) - [Germany] | - [Duel Cup] fps (1) - [Germany] | - [Duel Cup] fps (2) - [Germany] | - [Duel Cup] fps (3) - [Germany] | - [Duel Cup] fps (4) - [Germany] - [Duel Cup] PsyX France - [France] - [Duel Cup] PsyX Latvia - [Latvia] - [Duel Cup] PsyX Sweden - [Sweden]

2.3 Map picking

Rounds before Winner Bracket Semifinal
- Best of 3 (Bo3) (= 2 map wins needed)
- Heads/Tails->Cointoss + Drop-Drop-Pick-Pick-Drop-Drop -> If it ends 1:1 the remaining map is the decider. No draws possible.

Winner Bracket Semifinal and follwing rounds
- Best of 5 (Bo5) (= 3 map wins needed)
- Heads/Tails->Cointoss + Drop-Drop-Pick-Pick-Pick-Pick -> If it ends 2:2 the remaining map is the decider. No draws possible.

Grand Final
- Best of 7 (Bo7) (= 4 map wins needed)
- WB Winner decalres a map he 'wins' and goes 1-0 up, LB winner picks 1st map. After that map loser will pick the next map.

Breakdown of "Heads/Tails->Cointoss + Drop-Drop-Pick-Pick-Drop-Drop"

1. One of the players chooses Heads or Tails
2. vcall cointoss
3. Cointoss winner removes a map
4. Cointoss loser removes a map
5. Cointoss winner picks the 1st map to be played
6. Cointoss loser picks the 2nd map to be played
7. Cointoss winner removes a map
8. Cointoss loser removes a map
[if 3rd map needed:]
9. Remaining map gets played!

2.4 Matches report
One of the players should write the result in #xonotic.cup please, preferable with a Stats URL.

3. In game play

3.1 Game format
- 1v1 Duel (XPM)
- Timelimit: 10
- Fraglimit: 0

3.2 Map pool

Aerowalk, Blood Run, Boil, Final Rage, Mint, Quark, Warfare

A match has to be played again if the players did not play it on one of these maps.

3.3 Forfeiting

You may forfeit during a match of course, without getting penalties.
Obviously the map or match will be lost.

4. Prizes

4.1 Prize pool
1st: 70
2nd: 40
3rd: 15

4.2 Notes
  • The prize distribution will be finalised after the tournament.

4.3 Donations
The prizepool is 125 EUR at the moment but it might grow as we keep it open so the community can donate to the prize pool if they want to.
Contact Mirio, packer or thearcoN in that case.

4.4. Donators

100 EUR by [Image: 100.gif] thearcoN
20 EUR by [Image: 52.gif] SpiKe
5 EUR by [Image: 112.gif] atn

5. Media

5.1 Streams

YouTube by [Image: 55.gif] packer
YouTube (POV) by [Image: 55.gif] Islinn


Invited players (6):

[Image: 55.gif] GATTS
[Image: 55.gif] Islinn
[Image: 55.gif] Mirio
[Image: 107.gif] proraide
[Image: 55.gif] Waldi
[Image: 222.gif] ZeRoQL

Qualified players (3):

[Image: 41.gif] Ramses
[Image: 55.gif] Freddy
[Image: 64.gif] Lightbringer

Wild cards (2):

[Image: 41.gif] shogun assassin
[Image: 55.gif] SilenceKiller

It's still quite a bit away in time, but let's say "I'm in" Wink

[Image: 55.gif] Taleb; [Image: 97.gif] Dodger; [Image: 112.gif] atn & [Image: 41.gif] boomboom complete the field for this tournament! Big Grin

[Image: 112.gif] atn donates his 5 EUR winnings to this prize pool! Thanks.

Today we're announcing the dates for this tournament: 15th & 16th July 2017

Saturday, 15th July 2017: Check-in: 18:00 CEST | Tournament start: 19:00 CEST | End: Winner Bracket Semifinal / Loser Bracket Round 4 //
Sunday, 16th July 2017: Start: 19:00 CEST

Please let us know if you are available or not, so we can either find a replacement or reschedule the tournament to a different date.

Can I get in?

(04-13-2017, 04:49 AM)Po7k-c40p Wrote: Can I get in?

Well, no. You missed the qualification tournament.
However you can enter this one tomorrow:

If anyone wants to take part in this tournament even though he has not qualified, please leave a post here or message me.

i wanna

[Image: 52.gif] SpiKe just donated 20 EUR to the tournament! Thanks a lot! Smile

It's today!

My demos from cup:
metsu ZeRoQL (Stats) - <@nifrek> true, I guess in tdm you also dont always have your perfect choice of weapon, especially when ZeRoQL is controlling nex Dodgy
KILLING X ZONE - Xonotic community movie


1. [Image: 55.gif] Islinn - 70 EUR
2. [Image: 55.gif] Mirio - 40 EUR
3. [Image: 55.gif] Waldi - 15 EUR
4. [Image: 222.gif] ZeRoQL
5.-6. [Image: 55.gif] GATTS
5.-6. [Image: 41.gif] Ramses
7.-8. [Image: 41.gif] shogun assassin
7.-8. [Image: 55.gif] SilenceKiller
9.-11. [Image: 55.gif] Freddy
9.-11. [Image: 64.gif] Lightbringer
9.-11. [Image: 107.gif] proraide



My demos:!SVklTbxY!GmoUFI0Kw-KyW...0q0qxjpjcc
Will make a highlight video soon.

[Image: 55.gif] Waldi donates his 15 EUR to the next tournament! Thanks.

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