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Poll: Would you use different key settings for different game modes
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Yes i am already using different key settings
2 50.00%
Yes if this feature was implemented i would use it
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no i'll rather stick to one key config for all game modes.
2 50.00%
Total 4 vote(s) 100%
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[SUGGESTION] Different Input Key Settings for different Game Modes

Hello, i would like to have different input key settings for different game modes, eg when playing normal dm i have E bound to the crylink, but when playing instagib i have E bound to the hook. It would be nice to not have to manually change the Key settings everytime when switching game mode. ^^

Hello, I've worked on two resources to help in this regard. The first is the "keybind configurator" it's slightly broken, but still a useful way to visually modify your keybinds:
The other is my config which supports what you're asking for, 
This is achieved with my "bind_swap" alias, excerpt below:
// Button Loaded Configs

alias bind_swap "exec binds-empty.cfg; exec config/binds-empty-ascii.cfg; exec config/binds-$new_bind_set.cfg; exec config/aliases/bind_swap.cfg; echo ^1[ ^4Loaded ^$new_bind_set_color$new_bind_set ^4Config ^1]; bf"

bind pgdn "set new_bind_set_color 5; set new_bind_set video; bind_swap"
bind pgup "set new_bind_set_color 6; set new_bind_set default; bind_swap"
bind end "set new_bind_set_color 7; set new_bind_set defrag; bind_swap"
bind home "set new_bind_set_color 3; set new_bind_set ctf; bind_swap"
What the above does, is 1) define a bind_swap alias that clears out old binds  2) executes the bind swap I want  3) displays a message to the user that the binds were swapped.

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