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SEND DEMOS for a Community Frag Movie 2018

I'm collecting demos for about a 10min long fragmovie and I want your best clips. This is not a one-person or one-event movie, so I'm going to be strict against standard tournament highlight stuff. If you got amazing double-triple airshot combos from pub FFA or random pugs then feel free to send them over. The idea is to make this frag movie fast paced, high skill looking and in general make Xonotic look good. Here's some standards that I want to abide by:
  • Vanilla frags only. No mutators, Instagib, Overkill, Jeff's or Akimbo stuff.
  • Frags that haven't been used in other movies, we're not that poor of a community that we'd have to resort to rehearsing footage.
  • I will pick max 5 frags from each person. So make sure you choose your 5 most finest frags. (If you have more, then send em anyway because if there's space then I can bend on this rule)
  • Each frag should ideally fit under 5 seconds from the first landed hit to the finisher. Intervals before and after the frag is okay, but not in between. It's okay to bend this standard if the frag is cool, but I don't want prolonged chase footage if that makes sense.
  • If there's multiple frags, I'd like the entire clip fit under 15 seconds.
  • If it's a quad/shield run, then I'd like you to have at least 15 frags on it.
  • No flag runs.
  • No spawn fragging, unless it's a follow up/lead to the epic frag that you chose.
  • I prioritize on maps that fit the Xonotic's aesthetics, so basically no Quake-ports with outdated looking texturing (i.e. Toxicity, ospdm5, dreadfulplace). However, maps like Cortez666's Phrantic remake are okay, because it's a fresh remake that fits the aesthetics.
  • No maps with simplistic layouts, like for example Pushme or Chess. Maps like The Yard, Newtons Nightmare and Space Apple are okay though. I'm passing on the old version of Evilspace, revdm3 and revdm1 though, keep that in mind.
POST DEMOS IN THIS THREAD. or to me directly in discord/irc

When submitting frags, include timestamps with a counting down clock (hud_timer_panel_increment 0) and in chronological order. So if for example you have a frag at a time mark of 5:23 and another at 7:12, add the time stamps like this:


Make sure the time stamps are a couple seconds before the frag. You don't have to add descriptions or playernames, I will separate the frags into player specific folders in my end.

Here's an example frag, to set the pace and standard. If you're embarrassed to show your frag next to this one, then it's probably not the level of epic I'm expecting. Remember though, all I care about is what the frag looks like. Not how skilled you are in general.


What format should the clips be in? Are you looking for demo files with timestamps in the file name?
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(11-29-2017, 01:53 AM)PayTheBill Wrote: Are you looking for demo files with timestamps in the file name?

My submissions:
I think the stormkeep one is the best.
[Image: 62796.png]

Ill be clearing out some conditions, I will now be accepting more than 5 frags per person.

Also, I'd appreciate more DM/TDM/CTF killing streaks. I still won't be including full length strength runs UNLESS you net more than 15 frags on it.... However partial runs where you get several frags in quick succession are alright. If you got decent deathmatch footage, send em over my way!

There is still no deadline. I will be collecting frags to the point where the project file is filled wtih awesomeness.

xonotie /o/

!!! If you happen to have more frags send them over NOW !!!

Just a quick fyi that this is indeed still happening and actually quite close to being done: [Image: fragito.png]
(picture credits goes to big Smilecythe)

!!! If you happen to have more frags send them over NOW !!!

Here's my humble little demo. Please be gentile.

P.S I renamed the demo.

Are you still looking for frags, Smilecythe?


why are you not accepting Instagib frags?
and is their a deadline to send in clips.
also i have no clue how to record a demo.

Because I'm making a vanilla movie.
There is no deadline. 
There's an autorecord feature in Multiplayer - Media - Demos. The demos will be stored in the config directory.

The movie is out! Thanks for everyone who sent demos!



*nice frag being show*

Gets a perfect 5/7 from me as well!

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