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It's been some time....

Oh great people of the Xonotic, Nexuizians of old....
I have travelled far and wide (in Arma 3) and seen bizarre sights (mostly in Nexuiz with Peace Brothers clan).
I used to make some (arguably terrible) maps in Nexuiz/Xonotic and play quite a large amount (though not as much as Mirio).
Three years ago no less!
I hope you are all well, it's great to see some of the same old crew posting.
I've been playing a bit and how refreshing it is to play with a whole load of frames per second in a game with gleaming and awesome netcode.
I hope I find you all in great form and look forward to seeing you in game soon... hit me up for any events/pickup games etc...
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You better be connecting to #xonotic.pickup !
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Rad Ished! My dear friend, welcome back to Xonotic! How nice to have you around again!
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Hey rad and mirio and halogen!

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