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Relent (Soylent 2)

So finally,
I wanted to remake Solyent for a long time.
Xonotic happening gave me the push I needed to go ahead and make it.
Massive thanks to Div for all the new features and tools.
Also make sure you got your music turned up because Chooksta remixed a tune of his specially for this map.
I hope Sev is still working on his Soylent 2 map it looked really cool,
and also much more faithful to the original, which I would love to see in Xonotic.
I saw some screens that he uploaded of what looked like finished structure with no textures.
I have maps in this way before but this time I took a different approach which was 'texture as you go'.
I like to be able to see the final product as I map, and I hate having to texture a whole map from scratch.
Also as you can see I did a lot of cloning of sections, texture as you go means you only have to do each of these pieces once.
I caulk as I go as well because that is a real pain to save till the end.
I tried to include all the old trick jumps in some form or another, there are also a lot of new ones Wink
[Image: 1znlz1pbmog4p90q0mz_thumb.jpg]
[Image: pv5lzlo3wp9t5lkiruc_thumb.jpg]
[Image: 9xut6m69y616yvciif5v_thumb.jpg]
[Image: 0jnzq8c2mylwrbmrehhd_thumb.jpg]
[Image: kuxkjv45co2gyywo7f1x_thumb.jpg]
[Image: 0rguatdyyvpv81uy7p6_thumb.jpg]
updated beta3:
So go frag, and don't camp teh roof too much ay Big Grin
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goood werk!

Big Grin


Great work... I don't see this map really as a successor but more as a variant on the theme.. Both maps are awesome soylent and relent..
He can talk the talk, but can he caulk the caulk?

wohoo, finally another version is out Smile

I have to check that map later, if I have time...

Will check this one out mate.

You don't show many screenshots of the inner part of the map though Smile
[Image: 542.png]

#deathmatchers @


I have to say, this looks awesome.

Looking forward to playing it Smile
[Image: IUBFH.png]

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Thumbs up!

I really like the elaborate support structures (esp. the top, which has quite a nice "peaceful" feeling to it).
What I miss is some more distinct play with lights and shadows (i.e. contrast).
The beams would throw very nice shadows, if there were some lights shining through them (as opposed to the lights shining away from them).

Nice shadows/contrast:
[Image: ejjsbagcjluzv7twqnur_thumb.jpg]

Missing shadows:
[Image: 0xbpki9qe3uqv34xfpdr_thumb.jpg]

(P.S. Yes, I'm still texturing away on my version, which should be backwards compatible. I can understand why you went the other way with the textures Wink. Having kind of a competitor adds some extra motivation though... )

Ok, this version is bugged, the fan model does not clip weapons Sad
I'll get it fixed and up a new version.
Oh yeah, I forgot to say before, please any suggestions and observations would be highly appreciated.
Oh hi Sev, well I'm glad to hear your version is still ongoing.
Yeah good point about the contrast. I've been mashing the lights about for quite some time now.
I guess some spotlights would be in order, I can never seem to make them look nice though.
I did intend to make some models for the 3 lights in the middle section also.
Also another problem is that the item platforms don't clip weaponfire either.
Ah well, it is beta2.
I just realised how incredibly brown all those screens look... oh i got it.. It's a quake tribute mmkay?
hmm, theres some problem with the bars that go at 45 degree angle, they kind of make the player stick, I'll have to remodel them I guess.
"the best trolls are indistinguishable from idiots"

It's bugged? Phew, I thought my video card finally died. I constantly vid_restart the entire time I tried playing this map because everything would just get screwed up. I initially thought my card was going coolface on me. I toned my settings down vid_restart, etc. and I still got stuck with it doing this. Every other map played perfectly fine though.

[Image: p9v9z6oiow4tahpajq9_thumb.jpg]

Oh wait.

Nice architecture!

The map is scaled up a lot from the old Soylent (not so good for duels, but then several people have told me it wasn't good for that anyway), but now it's big enough for Freezetag! Can't wait for a chance to play Freezetag on this map on public server.

It is way easier to fall off of than the old one, don't know if this is good or bad. If you leave it as open as it is now, I would venture to suggest that you replace the Nex with the Rifle, because the Nex has a lot of push and there's already the RL as a dominate push weapon--and with the scaling up it's now possible to get the range where you can use the Rifle to it's fullest.

You added Domination! TY Heart My only suggestion there is that you move the control points off the spawn points, I don't think it's right that you get control just by spawning. Also maybe move the one by the RL farther away from the jumpad, those two are close together. Maybe on the ramp-side of the +100AP (aka Mega Armor) would be a better spot? Or on the roof?

Are the 45º supports brushes or models? I was hoping to get some good rampjumps off them, but as you said they're broken ATM. If they're models you might want to consider brushes, brushes would probably have better performance/interaction.

Speaking of brushes, some of the floors and ramps were thin--not that this is bad--I just think it would be cool to have grating there like on Minideck (the Deck 16 remake) so you can see your opponent through it and get him with the RL/Hagar/Rifle.

Ok, I'm done for now Smile
nowego [MLP:FiM]

Does anyone else get the error that Lee has?
@nowego4, they are brushes, I think the best solution might be to leave them as they are and use playerclip to smooth them out.
"the best trolls are indistinguishable from idiots"

Cool map! Nice work.
[Image: 21.png]
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(01-06-2011, 05:24 PM)Rad Ished Wrote: Does anyone else get the error that Lee has?
@nowego4, they are brushes, I think the best solution might be to leave them as they are and use playerclip to smooth them out.

It could very easily be my video card if no one else is getting it. The thing at one point had a bad driver that caused some of it's RAM to get messed up. I've seen similar errors in other games such as The Witcher and Unreal Tournament + UTRP with anti-aliasing enabled.


Yeah it's definitely my video card. Apparently max texture sharpness at 2048 X 1536 is a bit too much for this thing to handle, even though the frame rate never drops below 90. Weird. Dropping the res down to 1600 X 1200 or setting the textures to normal or lower fixed the problem for me.


Almost forgot to leave feedback, oops lol You did Soylent justice with this remake and even put your own interesting spin on it. It reminds me of a Deck 16 remake for UT99 called DM Deck 40 where someone initially wanted to remake Deck 16 but ultimately made it different enough to be it's own map in it's own right. Excellent work.


Played this map online and one of the players said their screen suddenly got messed up. They were probably experiencing the same thing I did.

Oh wait.

I like the style of the map a lot but I also found a problem:
[Image: kqim41uvrkxffhllqzo_thumb.jpg]

the green grid is not a bug. but that you can see through that small frame is a bug
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Thanks cortez and sputnik, already fixed before i read your comments.
It's a peculiarity of warpzones that you can't see this area when you have reflections turned on.
When you turn reflections off, it exposes this area which I had thought concealed and then caulked.
New version on the way... just got some things to fiddle about.
edit: haha. no that texture was still missing , I just found it again :o
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A lot of things sorted out, new sfx, and yes I swapped the nexrifle for the rifle.
[Image: hwk9zfwl1363t6gg7yw4_thumb.jpg]
Many fixes and refinements.
I'll update the first post also.
"the best trolls are indistinguishable from idiots"

Could use more attention to texture work, and a bit of smooth shading on the cylinder brushes would not hurt. trick-jumps seems harder then the old one witch is a baaad thing since a: trick-jumps preddy much defined the original, and b: trick-jumps are easier overall in Xonotic.

Good work so far, i like it.

Ima go phong my cylinders.
"the best trolls are indistinguishable from idiots"

Just played this... Was very fun...
Will be awesome with Minsta+hook Big Grin

Right now, it's to many cracks to fall through when I don't have my safetyhook :>
[Image: IUBFH.png]

Contact me on irc channel:
#Dietunichtguten @Quakenet

Yep, me too. Amazing brushwork, and overall nice details everywhere.
Though I feel the map could use some "life" in it: moving parts on the tubes, jumppad fx, some destructable parts etc.
Tbh. I already like this one better than the original Big Grin
[Image: 561.png]
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Maybe a disco floor?
No really, by the rl...ahhhhh, steps? disco steps.
"the best trolls are indistinguishable from idiots"

Official differences between CR/SR and Nex is that CR goes to big open maps and Nex is available on smaller and closed maps. So while beta2 was very nice and I enjoyed playing it in DM mode, beta3 is not-so-nice™ anymore.

I need to test this yet, haven't had any time lately, was fiddling around with other stuff, though Xonotic related but anyway I loved the beta we were playin on the other day. You said you changed the nex for the rifle, I think atheros is right about rifle being for long range weapons and nex a rather short/medium range ninja kind of fancy gadget. Anyway, I don't much like the sniper rifle at all, but I DO like the nex so I'd favor the nex on that map even without testing which I will do asap.

I'd give you another +1 for this but I already have and therefore I just mention it here! Thanks for your work!
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With the nex at the moment this map is broken, because 90 percent of nex hits are automatic kill due to being knocked off map.
So, there are two solutions that I am considering:
1. No nex or rifle.
2. Less open map.
This map is very much a beta version and needs playtesting.
In light of that this thread should be in editing and not map releases, shoulda read Dokus guidlines earlier.
Can I get a move pls?
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