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Complete XDF Tutorial Stream

Hello there buddies,
On Saturday, 21st of July, 15:00 UTC (17:00 CEST), there will be a stream hosted by Donald and myself to cover all of the xonotic defrag essentials. This tutorial is for players of all skill levels. If you are interested in trying out xdf, or you wish to improve your results, this is your ticket to greatness. If you prefer to shoot and murder things, then this tutorial will help you move so fast, nobody will ever see or hear you coming and if anyone dares to chase you, he/she will die. We will be covering absolutely everything: Strafing, circle jumps, strafe turns, overaiming, ramps, slick surfaces, jump pads, teleports, wall strafing, config stuff, weapons, as well as more abstract concepts such as optimizing routes, best practices, etc.
Weapons will be covered separately in part 2 ( Date TBA)

Hope to see you guys soon.

Stream event link:

Hope to see you guys there Smile

I approve of this.
<lightbringer> if you're wearing power armor, nobody can tell if you're a cat
<thearcon> you are the sickest individual on this channel Big Grin

Added the stream event link Rolleyes

Discord for XDF:
[Image: 21.png]
IRC (QuakeNet): #bot.xonotic | #xonotic.pickup | #xonotic | #xonotic.cup
Steam | | YouTube
Movies: Mirification #1 | #2 | Mirificaption #1 | #3 | #4 | [BOT] Clan #3 | #5 | #6 | #7 | [BOT] Clan #4 | #8 | #9


   turn control
   turn control+



Map list sorted by concept for practice.

Thank you so much for the stream! It's so well done!

Heyo turbo charged fast people,
On Saturday, July 28th, 15:00 UTC (17:00 CEST) we will be streaming part 2.
This time we will focus on weapons. We will also cover ramps, teles and jump pads, since we couldn't fit that in part one.
Hope to see you guys there, strafe safe!

Youtube event link:

On Thursday, August 2nd, 15:00 UTC (17:00 CEST) we will be streaming a part 3.
In this live stream we will be covering vanilla (xpm) movement by looking at it through a  prism of contrast with defrag (xdf) movement. We will talk about the differences, the implications of these nuances on different movement features which could be applied in real world in context of duel/tdm maps for example. We will be covering some tips and tricks for general movement  in combat modes such as duels. We will also talk about weapon contribution to movement in vanilla xonotic.

Stream event link:

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