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Total Noob

Hi guys! New to this forum having just d/l and installed this game I came across by mistake. TBH I am normally to be found on UT99 Assault servers, having played the game from the start. This should give a little insite into my age! (creeky oap!)

I have had a quick go on the game and completed some of the off line game types. I really need to get some advice on tweaking my game setup. In UT we do this by ammending the user .ini file. Any suggestions would be welcome.

So Hello to you all and hope to frag (or be fragged in my case!) by some of you soon! Smile

Welcome to the forums Big Grin

[Image: welcome-BabyTux.gif]

(Don't look at it too long, it's eyes are as black as it's soul Confused)
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(Idea stolen from Mr. Bougo. Hehehehe)

Welcome to the forums!


Which game are you talking about? Nexuiz, I guess?

If you find me on IRC (#xonotic on freenode or quakenet), you can just poke me and I'll do a 1on1 "basic training" for you to show you some tricks n stuff about Nexuiz, if you like. I dunno which time zone you are in, but I will be around and available most probably around 8 pm GMT or so during the weekend.

Can't promise I'll be there, though. But don't hesitate to ask me if you find me. :o)
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Welcome Waynos!
Any link with John Wayne?

Ps: +1 for clanclanclan

Hello, Waynos. Welcome to the forums. I play a bit of UT99 myself from time to time.
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Nice, someone from UT background like myself!

Did you download nexuiz I take it, as xonotic is going to differ quite a lot in some aspects, like balance and movement.

Come on IRC if you use it, channel - #xonotic and many people will be able to help you Smile
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