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Gravity help

So I want to make a map with low gravity, but I don't know how to use the trigger gravity entity. Anyone can help me?


1. Make a brush of any size
2. Apply common/trigger texture
3. Make it trigger/gravity
4. press n for the entity inspector menu
5. key=gravity, value = {any number thats not 0 because for some stupid reason there cannot be no gravity}

so value = 0.5 would be half gravity; 0.00001 somewhat close to 0 but still slightly pulling down
Or maybe to achieve no gravity youhave to make 2 brushes inside each other like so:
1) gravity = 0.1
2) gravity  = -0.1
so they add up to 0

Plan B if you just want to cover the whole map:
No brush needed but editing the <mapname>.mapinfo and adding the line:
settemp_for_type all sv_gravity 0 //(800 = standard; 400 = half etc.)

Regarding the inability to create zero gravity fields; You should file a bug report so that it may be fixed in the future, just mentioning issues with the game in chat or in forums almost guarantees they'll never be fixed.
You can do so here:

Unfortunately, 2 overlapping fields won't merge gravity effects, they'll simply spam gravity changes and flood the network. The best alternative right now would indeed be a very small fraction multiplier.
[Image: 230.png]

Ok thanks for the info. I assumed setting it to 0 should intentionally be the exception - which makes no sense.

Yes that worked when I put it in the map info thanks.

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