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I need help with NetRadiant

Okay, ive been trying to get the .bsp file, etc for when i compile a map, but it doesnt show up anywhere. Am i doing something wrong?Angry lol any help will be much appreciated

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Did you make a pk3 package for the map files. Also did you create a map info file?
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The BSP will in all likelihood be in whatever folder you are saving your .map files in NetRadiant.

Also, packing it up as a PK3 should not be necessary only to test it in you own game. Just launch Xonotic, open the console and type map <mapname> and press enter.
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Okay, when i type map <mapname> it says its not found -_- ~_~

It might take some time to troubleshoot this here. The map might not even have compiled correctly.

If you have time in the upcoming hours, get onto #xonotic on (here is a weblink). Just say PinkRobot so I will get a notification and I will do my best to help you directly.
"Yes, there was a spambot some time ago on these forums." - aa

Hmm, How would it not compile correctly?? And idk if i`ll have time.

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