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Hello all, i am here about playing this game

Hello all. I am 31 years Xonotic player, man, from Europe.
Sometimes i like to play any game, which has large maps... Xonotic has some, so, i am a player of this game too.
I most like CTF game style, at least, TDM, but really not DM... ...well, if DM, then with a really big big maps, such, that was in UT99 game and was named with 'sniper' prefix... You all most probably understand what i am talking about.
Before i played Nexuiz and UT99.
I tried Sauerbraten, but in it, players movement is so fast and faster than my reaction, that i just cannot play it, only against bots i can win...
So, i play Xonotic now.
Feel free to ask questions here.

Welcome to Xonotic!
I like CTF and big maps, too.
I would claim that many players in Xonotic are also super fast that I can never catch them in CTF. However, Xonotic is still very fun for me even though I lose most of the time.
See you around!

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