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Hello all!

I've been playing Xon for a few years but only really got into in it recently. Love the game, and hoping to become a part of the community (and maybe the upcoming tourney). I'm good enough to get a few frags but could still be a lot better, and I'm on some EU server most evenings.

See you in the game :)
[Image: 177750.jpg]

server: "Casual Votable [git]" @
discord: Gibson#3668
quakenet: Gibson (#xonotic, #xonotic.pickup)

Welcome to the cool kids club!
[Image: 8848.png]

I feel cool already Cool
[Image: 177750.jpg]

server: "Casual Votable [git]" @
discord: Gibson#3668
quakenet: Gibson (#xonotic, #xonotic.pickup)

Hi and welcome to the forums!
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Latest track on soundcloud: Farewell - to a better Place (piano improvisation)
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Gibson! you made the cool kids club cooler by just joining!  Blush
Nice having you near!
[Image: 177071.jpg]
Twitch | Peertube
Too stupid and emotional to win any duels :/

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