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Hey hey :)

I'm Azergothil1 and I've just found out about Xonotic a few hours ago. The thing with me and video games is that I love 3 pretty much extinct/niche genres - arena shooter, fighting games and arcade car racing games. And Xonotic seems to be doing quite well, so I look forward to becoming a part of the community. Gonna play my first few matches tomorrow. I'm stoked!
Other facts about me - I'm in my mid 20s, I'm from Poland, I happen to be a Master of Law, but I work in the video game industry as a social media and community manager. I'd be delighted if I could help with growing the community, somehow Smile
My hobbies, aside from video games, are music, cooking, reading, traveling and marketing. My favourite game is Guilty Gear Xrd Rev2 (a fighting game) and my favourite FPS of all times, well, it's hard to decide, but it either has to be Quake Live, Warhammer Vermintide 2 or Paladins.
Feel free to ask me anything and, hopefully, see you in the game soon Smile

edit: I've just played my first game and I'm hooked!

Hello. Welcome to the forums! We will be happy to see you in the game.  I wish you a good time and good luck in your first matches.
Heart Heart  С наилучшими пожеланиями! Heart Heart


Hi and welcome to the Xonotic community! Nice introduction - looking forward to see you online!
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Welcome to Xonotic! I hope you enjoy the game a lot!
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Too stupid and emotional to win any duels :/

Hi there and welcome.  

Old dude here, been playing FPS since the early days, when graphical ui and the mouse became a reality. Most played games for me are Unreal -> Unreal Tournament -> Nexuiz -> Xonotic.

Look forward to see you on the battlefield and see you make progress.

Nice to have you here.

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