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Variables for max health + all weapons

I started a server for colleagues at work, and then later went online to some public servers. Can anyone point to a server.cfg for something like the server 'Eris' with max health + max armour + all weapons + unlimited ammo? I'm comfortable with setting CVars in server.cfg, but haven't found the right combo. Want to mix it up for an after work session, thanks!

This sounds very much like the gamemode Clan Arena (CA), which you can just select when starting your server (g_ca 1).
Here is a page where you can search for cvars you're looking for:

You can also search in the in game console (Shift+ESC) with search SEARCHTERM.

Thanks, that helped, I found what I was looking for; 

g_balance_vortex_weaponstart (etc. for others) 
g_start_ammo_cells (etc.)


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