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[DM/DOM] - Map Beta - Slagpit

I've been cooking up something new, and I think it's ready to be shared around. This one is going for a heavy industrial / smelting sort of a vibe and is aimed at Deathmatch and related (FreezeTag) gametypes with control points added for Domination support as well.
Largely complete, though I have a few aesthetic improvements still to go (going to see if I can make a good custom slag texture and use it to make the lavafalls look nicer Smile.
Would love some feedback on the layout and item balance Smile

Beta 3 - 09/06/2020 Beta 2 - 07/06/2020
  • Included a missing texture in the .shader file (beta1 had the .tga files all present, but apparently these weren't loading without the .shader definition - this should now be fixed).
  • Some minor tweaks to ceiling heights opposite the MH to improve flow / movement through that space.
  • Added ledges inside several of the lava pools to make them a bit easier to escape.
  • Clipped off all of the holes through to sky.
PK3 Download - map-slagpit-beta3.pk3

Missing some textures in the pk3:
maps/slagpit-b1.bsp: could not load texture "textures/skies/dissocia"
maps/slagpit-b1.bsp: could not load texture "textures/map_slagpit/rivetgirder01"

Hmm - Rivetgirder should be in there :/ I'll take a look to see what's happened.

Didn't realise dissocia was not one of the skies that ships with Xonotic. I'll have to see what license it's under to check if I can include it in my .pk3.

Great job!

Accessible ledges, interesting and intimate layout, and very fresh design of the lava.

The bot's route is also well done. Lots of encountering.


1. Is it intentional that I can get to the top? (See pics)

2. Missing texture?

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)

Ok - beta2 uploaded with a fix for one of the missing textures (rivetgirder) - which should now be showing up / loading just fine, as well as a few tweaks to fix some issues identified via feedback.
The missing skybox still needs to be fixed, as I don't know the licensing situation for dissocia and its related assets. I suspect I'll need to sit down and generate a new one - this may take a little while as I learn how to do it. I figured I'd post beta2 with the other fixes while I work on it.
If you do want to see what the map looks like with the 'correct' skybox, just track down a copy of dissocia (it's an old CTF map, and can probably be found on a few servers around the place).

The skybox in dissocia_lightfix_v4.pk3 is procedurally generated, and it's shader includes this link:
The skybox generator is public domain Smile

Quote:This is free and unencumbered software released into the public domain.

Ah, that's easier to fix than I thought Smile.
Beta3 uploaded, should be no more missing textures.

Only critique I have is how small the vertical scaling feels. All the ramp and blaster jumps makes your head hit the ceiling.

The map file tripled its size. Anything you can do?

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