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[MAP] Perkele (beta)

Hello all,

we are proud to present the first beta of the map "Perkele". This map is a 1on1 / 2on2 and possible FFA (4-8 players) deathmatch map.

I was inspired by 3 well known quake maps ("bloodrun", "the bad place" and "lost world"). It was the first map I tried to create and I think it it at least succeed in gameplay/movement. Special thanks to Cortez who helped me a lot with texturing, designing, fixing brushes and ideas to improve the map. He worked at least the same amount of time at it like me. Without him this map would never be near where it is now. I also want to mention that kyre and morphed also helped with prebeta testing. Esteel and Fruitiex added this map on their servers. Thanks a lot to you all!

You can test the map with others on these servers:
Xonotic: "[NL] Xonotic balance testing"

Have a lot of fun testing the map. It would be awesome if you can give us some feedback afterwards to improve it. Here are some things we would like to know: gameplay/movement, item placement, textures, bugs and sizing (is it to big/to small?). Be honest please, because this will decide if we keep on working on this map. Bad critique is good but dont forget to write _why_ something is bad Big Grin

Edited by cortez and bundy.

You can download the map here (lava fixed):
Xonotic: Perkele-b2.pk3
Nexuiz: Perkele-b2.pk3

[Image: gz9u4eyd465o93z8iy8y_thumb.jpg][Image: z6ivsruzxy4z1vwi17wl_thumb.jpg][Image: dal6kj5vrj2haxmrgvc_thumb.jpg]

REALLY NICE LAYOUT. good work on the detail for ur first map Smile
There's nothing better than getting off you butt and contributing to a community. There is no excuse when it comes to computers. Spend a little of you playing time, giving back Smile

Perkele Big GrinDBig GrinDBig GrinDDBig GrinDBig Grin
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(08-10-2012, 02:37 AM)Mr. Bougo Wrote: Cloud is the new Web 2.0. It makes no damn sense to me.

shouldn't this lava kill me? Or at least hurt me a bit? Smile
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Indeed, the lava should hurt you. This will be fixed soon.

For some reason, we cannot get the lava to work as we want. I added some triggers so you get some damage when you run over it. I hope we can fix that soon. The download link is in the first post.

(09-14-2010, 09:22 PM)Cuinnton Wrote: REALLY NICE LAYOUT. good work on the detail for ur first map Smile

I guess most of the "good work on the detail" goes to cortez Big Grin But its nice that you like the layout. I really enjoy moving around on this map with the current physics, movement and laser.

The lava is finally fixed. The downloadlink is in the first post.

This map is added to the DCC server (for nexuiz), so you can test and play it there. Thank you esteel. The skybox is not working in nexuiz for some reason, but I think that this is not a big deal. Also it is made for the current xonotic movement/physics/laser, so I am not sure if it fits with the nexuiz physics. Anyways, have fun and write some feedback if possible.

#11 this one should work in nexuiz corretly

Now it is also added to the server "[NL] Xonotic balance testing" in xonotic. Thank you frutiex.

I approve this map just because the name is so damn great. Voihan perkele.

(09-19-2010, 06:25 AM)Exitium Wrote: I approve this map just because the name is so damn great. Voihan perkele.

+1 Smile
Links to my: SoundCloud and bandcamp accounts

would be cool if people would also approve it because of gameplay, item placement and visuals Sad

Nice work so far! Smile

I've been testing the map on Nexuiz so I can't really comment on gameplay, but here's what I've got to say:

The outside bit:
[Image: qya2n6fydcn1wowfakg_thumb.jpg]

If that's supposed to be a rock face, then it shouldn't be a completely even surface. Having bits sticking out would make it much more rocky. Also I think it'd be nice if there was a corridor that goes into the rock.

Bit with megahealth:
[Image: g3ge9skoy8gl323yzkfu_thumb.jpg]

If you look closely you can see into the next room! I understand the effect you're trying to get with the pipes, but sometimes the lava animation makes it look like it's going back up the pipe Tongue

Item placement:

[Image: i5fjma6ba2z75e33guw3_thumb.jpg]
[Image: 7ozzh3pquhjmiyilzo9_thumb.jpg]

I saw that some of the items seemed to be "off-centre". This isn't a really important point, but still I think it'd look good if that nex was placed slightly to the right Tongue Also I didn't see any health blobs.
[Image: 370.png] AKA [~] John Smith on Nexuiz

I really like the map, the ammo placement, and the weapon placement is pretty good. Too bad that the only texture that loaded was the lava; everything else was black and white checkers. I assume it's not supposed to be like that.. I updated my git yesterday, and am using Ubuntu 10.04 64 bit if that matters.

The map is using textures which arent part of xonotic by default. It was definitive my fault to use em. You can fix that when you create a file called "xonotic-nexcompat.pk3dir.yes" in the data folder and update your xonotic afterwards.

divVerrent Wrote:touch data/xonotic-nexcompat.pk3dir.yes
./all update

Ok. The textures work now. Much better.

I had a quick run through it in Nexuiz without opponents, so i cannot comment on the gameplay. Still the movement feels really good and the layout and connectivity seem to provide really good gameplay and with you (bundy) knowing the do's and dont's of good gameplay-design i believe this one will play really nice!

The visuals on the other hand lack a lot of detail imo. The lighting reminded me of q2 which in places had a nice retro-feel but it could be so much better Wink Everything is very blocky, but since this is a beta i believe these things will get changed. Going for the gameplay in the first place is the way to go anyways, but please add some more details to every room, floor etc. and rework your lighting.

I also spotted some z-fighting here and there, and of course the see-through bugs ThePWTULN mentioned

Conclusion: A promising layout, but a lot to do to add some atmosphere/character/charm to the map.

Take note of what Strahlemann said Bundy, he is the master when it comes to map design and detail imo!

P.S when can we expect to see a map from you in xonotic Strahl? Wink
[Image: 542.png]

#deathmatchers @


Hey there.

No, this map didnt die but I am very busy the last 6 weeks and I am not sure if I ever will be that active as before.

Things which I will work on: Fruitiex has changed the gameplay (fruitiexbalance.cfg). Because great movement is one of my main goals for this map, I will test the new settings and maybe rescale the map if needed. Afterwards I want to add more details, retexture it and also rename it (a dev told me that there is no chance for this map to be official if the name dont change).

How long will this take? I dont know. I didnt work one minute after my last release on this map. If my current calendar dont lie, it will be a very long project (I still think that I beat the time of "Rage" the nexuiz movie) Big Grin I am definitive NOT angry if anyone else would love to work and improve this map (to be honest I would be glad if someone sees so much potential in it that he wants to do that), but I will definitive do something when I am in the mood and have the time for it.

Whatever happens, I frag you soon. Later, Bundy Wink

Nice map, but there's hardly any ammo on it, would love someone to do a revamped version of it, with more ammo becaue there really is not enough, other then that, it is beautiful to move around in, and confuses me, will take a long time to learn this map and get good with predicting.
[Image: 542.png]

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