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[SUGGESTION] Problems with editing in-game chat message

Hello, dear Xonoters!

What always piss me off while playing Nexuiz is that I can't use arrow keys to correct mistakes I've done while typing my chat message.

I press T-key, type, type, type... I notice I have wrote something wrong two words ago, I try to use the arrow key to get there but I can't! So I have to delete everything and type one more time. Someone frags me in the meantime. Not again.


Console doesn't have such a problem Tongue

Could an(t)ybody help?
I'm making Liblast - a FOSS online FPS game made with Godot 4 and a 100% open-source toolchain

@devs: yes! that should be fixed!
[Image: 788.png]

I agree - typos at the beginning of a line are always annoying Sad
[Image: 370.png] AKA [~] John Smith on Nexuiz

That's definitely a feature request that belongs to the dev tracker Smile

Moved in bugreports.
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"One should strive to achieve; not sit in bitter regret."

That's not a bug report, that's a suggestion Tongue

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