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Can we have an ammo drop after each wave like in CoD?
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Sounds great! I worked on the invasion (monster mash) servers for UT2k4 and 3 and it was fun to work on, make maps for, and make baddies!
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(09-08-2011, 05:03 PM)SelevanSmith Wrote: Oh please make this happen.

I just wipped out radiant today to specifically renovate some nexuiz castle maps for use with this game mode.

Divverent: Can you make this happen in git? Please.

i think div is very busy but +1
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Oh this would be cool. I'd like this, it would be fun to model monsters and stuff and make dumb AI and fight waves and waves Big Grin. Could even leverage the assets made for this game mode to put pits of monsters as traps in other maps (gauntlet runs). I remeber in unreal tournament there was this great DM map where the trap dropped you into a pit with a titan.

Fireball loves traps, isn't he?

Hi all,

1st, I'd like to thank the devs for such a cool game. Xonotic feels pretty much like UT99 (which I loved). Also it has much beefier sounds and effects than other open-source shooters.

I would like to second the availability of a Invasion-like gameplay in some future version of Xonotic. Since Doom times I always loved to play co-op against monsters.
Especially the Invasion-game mode in UT2k4 worked with any map providing waves and waves off enemies.

I guess Xonotic is pretty much ready for such a mode. When using the "lots of weapon" mutator you have every weapon from beginning of the level.
What is "only" needed for invasion game mode is some sort game AI which spawns various sets of enemies with increasing skill for each wave.

Co-operative modes can be further enhanced by providing specialized maps (similar to Monster hunt), automatic gun turrets (SDQuake / Aliens movie), night & day time plus flares / flashlights (Kleshik) and so on.

As for co-op monster killing I see at least two general variations:
1) Like a fun shooter with overkill weapons plus a hilarious amount of monsters (UT2k4 with excessive overkill plus Invasion / SDQuake)
2) A more dark co-op shooter with intense atmosphere (Kleshik / D3 LMS)

Of course you can add longer pauses between the waves plus defining special points the player has to defend plus stuff to fortify (e.g. MG turrets, mines, barricades) and you have a tower defense FPS.

The most famous published games which provide a similar gameplay include (but are not limited to):
- Borderlands
- L4D
- L4D2
- Killing Floor (once a free mod, now commercial)

There are also several mods providing a smilar gameplay

For Quake there is SDQuake:

For Darkplaces there is also Kleshik, which is pretty unique but unfortunately does not provide

Doom 3 - LMS (Last Man Standing):

For UT99 there was monster hunt:

For UT2k4 (beside the integrated Invasion game mode) there also was monster hunt as well but I currently have no URL available.

Just my 2 cents !


(09-22-2011, 03:46 PM)Darksoul71 Wrote: For Darkplaces there is also Kleshik, which is pretty unique but unfortunately does not provide

Kelishik is a cool mod, for the q1 singleplayer campaign.
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HAHAHHAHA You people think anyone here, divverent, or anyone will do anything other than burn your feature request. HAHHAHAHA.

Suggestion: 1) Chute unto furnace.

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Three thumbs up (gotta borrow one for this thread). Coop Modes are always great, especially when playing with people that do not regularly play FPS games. Your idea reminds me of the original AVP for PC, I think the game mode was called 'skirmish'. Another point is, that coop doesn't need as much players as e.g. CTF or TDM, since team balancing isn't needed. However, there would be some new concept art needed don't you think? How about having Drop Pods in that game mode?
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