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Poll: Want to be mean with your opponents ?
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[SUGGESTION] Auto gun slapping

Hey, I've wondered about a simple thing : If you're near to an (alive) ennemy (!or teammate maybe!) you slap them auto if you're using the shotgun acutally. BTW, what about creating buttons that only work with slap ? (not weapons) And some graphical effects? (particles &decals)

Would take all the fun and challenge out of it.
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hey, i wondered whether we could include auto-shooting when the crosshair is on an enemy. it would be easier to hit enemies, thus it would be more fun!

I think the shotgun is too slow to activate. However auto slap is not the answer.
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BTW, Jaykay, the thing that you wanted is cheating.. autoshoot!
EDIT : I agree with Rad, you mean faster refire?

Calino, plox look up 'sarcasm' is reference to jaykays post
"the best trolls are indistinguishable from idiots"

Don't like auto slap, too!
...and what would be if both are equipped with the shotgun Wink
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;'( any lover of unbalanced things ? Tongue

(09-05-2010, 01:41 PM)Calinou Wrote: ;'( any lover of unbalanced things ? Tongue

well yes, i never saw the slap thing on the shotgun though

It means you never played Xonotic, or you should learn how to use secondary fire.

(09-07-2010, 12:58 PM)Calinou Wrote: or you should learn how to use secondary fire.

If you want it to be automatic, YOU should learn it too instead Tongue

The shotgun melee attack (or slap as it now seems to be called), has been made easier to hit with, before it was too hard people said..but again people didn't really know how to use it, you need to time your swing with it to hit, but the distance you need to be to hit someone has been reduced so it's slightly easier now to land a shot..once you know how to hit with it, it can be very useful in the correct situations!
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Another problem: if it was auto-slap, we'd need a "car" icon instead of the trout. I love that trout icon, so please don't implement any auto-slap! Except maybe other way round, as anti-vehicle weapon (auto-slap as "slap the automobile"). Then we could keep the trout for slapping vehicles, that'd be fine for me. But don't touch the trout.
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I vote against automatic action. It's a way of using shotgun that requires a lot of skill. And I think it's great! I messed so much a melee weapon in Nexuiz! Now I can lag all the servers down learning how to win a match using only slap! Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
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I would like to see more little features that are hard to use so I can discover new stuff and learn more cool ways of doing things in Xonotic! If there is nothing to master - the game would become boring really fast.
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