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[SUGGESTION] Nex gun recoil impact for high jumps like in Nexuiz

Why don't you leave Nex gun impact the same as in Nexuiz?
Because it's now lower, it's not much usefull on the maps like Farewell Laserfun.
It was very usefull in minstagib.
Which g_balance_nex_secondary_* variable does cover that?

Don't tell me You mean the LASER SPLASH DAMAGE.... "impact recoil"?
(That what makes you jump when you fire your Laser against the ground or the "pushing" when shooting others.)

If You mean that then it's because people were abusing it too much.
4m038105 - Be the change.

i think what you mean is that secondary laser on minsta. its lower because it was too strong on nexuiz.
[?] - #kwestion @quakenet

(10-16-2010, 05:37 AM)vaan Wrote: i think what you mean is that secondary laser on minsta. its lower because it was too strong on nexuiz.

Yes, that's it. Excuse me for my ignorance, I haven't read about the weapons in Xonotic/Nexuiz. I've played Nexuiz occasionally (don't have much free time because of work and family...) and that's only minsta.

Going back to topic...
It was too strong for typical game modes with all weapons available or too strong in minsta or both? Maybe it's behaviour could be set different on minsta(stronger) and without mutators (weaker)?

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