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[SUGGESTION] Portal-like/Puzzle/Gauntlet game mode?

I've noticed the porto/Port-O-Launch weapon showing up in some maps (like Capture City Xon), and, of course, plenty of warpzones in many maps. Can the effects of the porto/Port-O-Launch weapon and warpzones (2-way travel, gravity-based reorientation, and reflective to a short distance) be combined to make a separate game mode? I think it would be worth trying, to have a puzzle game mode, with portals, moving platforms, doors, lava, etc. and have a team-based competition to reach the goal through the gauntlet. It adds variety. Maybe even make a separate vehicle portal gun to add even more.

I do know that the portals shouldn't face each other, due to performance issues, but I'm sure there has to be a way to solve it, or at least around it. Maybe showing another portal black in the reflection? Something.

Niiiiiiice idea, If we have races or Nexball, why not this? Big Grin
The team-based competition seems interesting, like "Who will be the first team to complete the level?" or whatever Tongue

The thing is, maybe we need specific maps and so on. I'll wait to see what experts say Tongue
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Don't you think that such a mode has rather low replayability? Once you know the solution, it's no longer fun... You'd need a crapton of maps, so ppl won't be able to memorise the solutions to all of them.
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You can still compete for speed.
[Image: 0_e8735_c58a251e_orig]

You could put portals on the lava and kill others creating another portal under them or something. It's not a nice idea but with that, I mean we could benefit more from Port-O-Launch.

That's why I like the idea.
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Unfortunately, creating warpzones dynamically (such as with the port-0-launch) is not currently possible. basically, warpzones have to be build into the map and compiled with it. It's just one of the limitations of working with the quake engine.

I will say that the port -o- launch actually does function a lot like the portal gun (a huge improvement over what it used to be), Including preserved momentum and such. Really all that would be needed would be to make it port you faster.
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(06-13-2013, 07:52 AM)theShadow Wrote: It's just one of the limitations of working with the quake engine.

This limitations could be improved in the future? I mean, is it possible to do that? I'm not asking for someone to do it, I only want to know if that limitations can be transformed into <<unlimitations>>.
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Well, I suppose viewing through the portal is over-rated a bit.

A puzzle may have one solution (or more), but a gauntlet makes getting there all the more challenging, like multiple paths, various moving obstacles where good timing is necessary, as well as taking out the enemy before they make it there. If you want some examples, you can take a look at Tremulous' "gauntlet" and "mission_one" maps. They and others work to an extent. (Only difference is you can also build stuff there to help out.)

I also remember some great and very fun race-puzzle maps in UT2k4, where you raced around like lunatics in bumper cars and shot each other while going at high speed along a thin floating roadway. That did involve a lot more "bumping" ability than Xonotic has atm, but it really didn't get old.

I know those used to portal are thinking solve the puzzle and get to the end, but that's not really what I had in mind. I suppose the portal-like part would be an interesting addition (especially with vehicles), but the main aspect would be struggling to get to the goal through obstacles that don't rely on knowing the solution. Instead they would rely on your ability and skill at timing, avoiding obstacles, and getting to the goal without being shredded or knocked off by an enemy/obstacles (think more Prince of Persia). It would be interesting to have to use the hook as well, modified to be like spiderman's web sling (already managed to do that) to stay off the ground and away from obstacles/hazards, as well as getting in position to place a portal (maybe having to die in the process, and having to use the portal next time).

Flying vehicles can be used to race and fight through tight caverns with columns and stalactites/stalagmites, including the giant fat guppy flying vehicle ... maybe its shields can be put to good use.

We really have to consider if this mode meshes well with the core goals of this game. In my opinion it is too much of a deviation both technically and conceptually.
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#10 & Something like that?
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(06-26-2013, 03:16 PM)Cortez666 Wrote: & Something like that?

That's a bad example. As a fast-paced shooter, movement is an important part of Xonotic. Don't forget how our race mode started, with CTF flag capture records.

You could have picked nexball as a counterexample, but I would argue that it's a quick hack of a game mode made for laughs. It's a fun addition to have to the game that doesn't take itself too seriously.

Making a gauntlet-type game mode wouldn't be as straightforward. But that sort of mode would be a great idea for a third-party mod.

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