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[Idea] “Knockout” gametype

There’s some kind of new gametype in my mind: a “pyramid” fight.
I call it “Knockout” but may have better word.

Several players will join the game.
Only 2 players are simultaneously “released” and fight each other. Others will spectate.
When one get fragged*, he/she is lost and will spectate. Now, announce the winner, and “release” the next player (reset the winner’s weapons too).
Keep fighting. The game ends when the final winner is elected, the “King”!

* For some sort of enjoy-ability, may start with 200 HP + 200 Armor like Clan Arena.

I put this to my wishlist, and maybe one day I can get time to work on such thing (not guaranteed though) (maybe with other “gametype” ideas around here).

P.S. This is what a “duel” was in my mind, before I knowing about “duel is just 1v1 deathmatch and no more”.
(Poor kid like me can’t see a public server with ping < 200, and never experienced playing there)

Believe it or not, this actually existed! There used to be a gamemode called Arena in which two players would duke it out, the winner going on to fight the next player.
Unfortunately Arena was removed from the game some time ago, but it may still exist on some servers running the SMB mod.
[Image: 230.png]


It seems that I’m here too late. Only days before 0.8.5 release I met this game and knew about Quake etc.

So that it’s possible to revert some git commits to try it out, right?

Over the years we've had many interesting game modes from contributors' experiment, but it doesn't work out that contributors can stay long and keep contributing, making long-term support a challenge. You could revert the whole thing to try those old experiments, but then you'll lose all the newer updates. Most of the old code needs some serious update before they can be merged to the modern main.

I myself had one improvement (not game mode, but some usability feature) -- 95% finished but I never got the chance to complete it, until it was too far from the main trunk and too difficult to merge, so I accepted the reality and gave up.

This gives me a new perspective and appreciation for those who maintains the game long-term!

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