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Forum Upgrades

(07-11-2017, 05:59 PM)nilyt Wrote: The <> pushes the table offscreen.
In my reality the table needs a float:left or position:absolute (relative to the parent <div.topbar>).
Or <>  needs to stop being a float:left.
[Image: X0AL1YE.png]
Thanks for the info, I've applied this change, let me know if it resolves the issue:

.topbar table {
  float: left;

Quote:Coding table-based layouts in ..2017. Webdesigner? You're fired. =p
Some people have invested time in dropping table layouts in a forum system, but the effort isn't always worth it.  There are some downsides to the theme, but it solves a lot of "issues" without diverging too much from the vendor.  Themes in MyBB are currently comprised of templates, and styles the former being HTML/JS, the latter being CSS.  Due to the way MyBB caches themes, these are stored in the database.  MyBB provides a GUI for solving differences when patches come downstream from the vendor that include themes/template changes, but it's tedious at best.  That makes the process a bit more involved when applying upgrades.

MyBB's planned migration path is a switch to the Laravel PHP Framework, which includes a new approach to the front-end, you can see more in their roadmap here:

If you're interested in playing more with mybb in its current state in a sandboxed environment, including this theme, you can check out this project

When the solution is confirmed on your end, this is where the commited changes will go.

Looking good now, the fix is working for me.
Thanks for the work, -z-

(07-18-2017, 05:15 PM)nilyt Wrote: Looking good now, the fix is working for me.
Thanks for the work, -z-

Thank you for confirming, I appreciate the detailed report.

Hey guys, quick update.

Fixed two bugs today, thank you @EACFreddy and @marataziat, for the deployable solutions.

In addition, the latest security patches have been applied to our forum system.  Please report [new] bugs here, or on IRC if you encounter any.


edit: @julius, thanks for the login modal bug report, resolved.

Added a responsive theme to the forums, select "NetPen" in the theme chooser in the footer, or in your profile.

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