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evilspacectf remake

i remade the dm version, so the nearest thing to remade the ctf version and thats what im going to do.
I was actually several times at this point this time im going to do it.

So what parts of the old evilspacectf did you liked? and which parts did you hate?

especially i would like to hear some opinions on the middle part

The lack of height or low ceiling causes a few issues for me.

good: not to much health, no super guns in base, simple to understand layout
doubtful: mega near flag, hidden strength tele
bad: straight line from flag to flag (make it U or L shaped maybe?), laser-paddle across most of the map possible; makes defense and retrieval to hard at times.

For the center id make it bigger first of all, there no real "center game-play" on the old one. Maybe offset the center in Z relative to bases (less cross map snipe).

first thing that comes to my mind - i don't like the idea of hidden teleporters (btw what about removing strenght completely? - just a thought)

second thing - maybe you should change those main jumppads to force players to land in the middle platform, so it would be impossibe to use this laser-jumppad-trick to jump from your base right to enemy flag? It would cut those ridiculously long jumps and fast caps. Maybe add small platforms at sides of the middle platform so people would land on them and from them would use jumppads to enemy base?

EDIT: i was writing this post quite long and didn't notice tZork's answer and i somehow copied some of his ideas. Sorry for that Tongue
But this only proves those things are important Smile
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as a minstagib player, i tell you:
evilspacectf is great Big Grin

As said you can get the enemies flag with laserjump on jumppad from your own base very fast. That should be fixed Idea
I hate this hidden teleporter and the glass room in middle.
They must be deleted Dodgy
And the jumppads which are placed behind/under the bases should be deleted.
But i like the less space between the mapconstruct and the hurtzone. This should stay like it is.

thanks for the input

Spaceman, as i told you yesterday on irc that wont be a problem.

tZork/kuniu the frogg, these are nearly as i had. I will add a forcefield infront of the flag so have to use the sideways or the way behind the base. The center will be bigger, especially the lower level, because its too narrow.

It'sMe: there will be even less space to hook under the map

I always thought that the towers didn't fit in, as there was not anything like them in evilspace.

The old evilspacectf had very bad flow. The combination of the jumpads under the base/hidden teleporters made it so, because if you, for example, started on the side, you would go to the back middle to get to the jumpads, as opposed to just attacking from the spawnpoint.
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