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[SUGGESTION] Binds graphical list

Statement: I feel it's not so easy to set/use keyboard binds (here i'm talking about binds like 'vcall' or 'say', not about weapon switch binds).

First because If I associate every keys to a different binds, I will never remember which key is for which bind. As a result, I use only few binds.
Second, I often accidentally call a bind because for instance I forgot to type 't' before writing something...
Third, when you want to map many binds, you have to ensure that there is no conflict between binds.

Solution: I propose something quite simple: you first define somewhere a list containing your binds. Then, when you're ingame, you hold a special key (let's say 'b') which displays a menu (in overlay onto the image) depicting your bind list. Then just click the desired bind.
If you realase 'b', the bind list disappears.

I'm pretty sure that this system would allow to select any bind very quickly.
And this mechanism would remain compatible with the current keyboard bind system.

What do you guys think?

I already suggested something only a bit to this idea in other threads... I think so
...I love the idea Heart Smile
[Image: 788.png]

(09-28-2010, 11:02 AM)rainerzufalldererste Wrote: I already suggested something only a bit to this idea in other threads...
and then what came out?
More than two guys had reacted? Tongue

I'am the second guy Big Grin

I like the idea, I'am also having problems with learning the binds as I found current system highly inconvinient. An image of all keyboard keys with binds shown there would make it a lot easier (as I need to know where to stab my keyboard, not which letter is on that key Big Grin)

This also reminds me of a feature in UT (Unreal Tournament '99). To say something you had to press V, then a menu appeared with numbers from 0 to 9 each number opening a category of messages. Genarally you were able to say lots of predefined stuff just typing V27 or V91 or V02 - letter V, and two digits (three?). The displayed menu is important as that makes it possible to learn those combinations (without going to settings menu) and to say something even if you're doing it for the first time.

That also reminds me of a system that was in BF2 (Battlefield 2) IIRC: you pressed a special key, say: E. A circular menu appeared aroud your crosshair with a big circle with "spotted" inside it. You could then just release the E key and "spotted" was sending an info about enemy seen in the place you were pointing with you're crosshair. Moving you mouse while holding E instead of mouselook were selecting the items around the center one. Simple, nice-looking and fast to use in battle without much thinking. All you have to memorize is where are specific messages around the circle. Players could configure this (how many options and which and where) so they can use it quick and precise. There could also be things like "thank you", "good game" etc (only if someone wants, they could still just have simple binds)

This is how I imagine it may look (rougly) in Xonotic:

.png   bf2liketeammessages.png (Size: 61.65 KB / Downloads: 57)

If you wish, I might make another thread for "advanced team communication systems". I think some of those might greatly improve team play. What would proffesional fraggers and clan members say about this matter?
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You have to change the font and the color and the style to make it more xonotic like Wink
But the idea's quite nice Smile
[Image: 788.png]

I like that too. Could be a very intuitive communication system. Just pressing a key and moving the mouse in a direction and releasing the key and you get the desired command. That's kinda really cool idea. I'd make it like a circle with cake sections without the center circle so that minimal mouse movements are enough to set the marker.

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In UT99 holding down V would bring up a menu that allowed you to select stuff using a mouse cursor. Taunts, Orders, Acknowledgements, Friendly Fire, etc. If something like that were implemented in Xonotic, it would make teamplay a bit more easy for a lot of players. The only problem I had with UT99's menu was that it was laid out in a standard menu form that expanded to sub menus, in a game as fast as Xonotic, that should be avoided where possible and only used where needed.

Oh wait.

Tremulous has an in-game menu which you can use to call all sorts of votes and commands. Maybe this sort of thing could be used in Xonotic?
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You would not be able to have very many options with an overlay like that, but methinks that is a good thing. If you assigned basic, general things to it (about 6 at the most, without minding the inner circle), this would work brilliantly. Anything beyond that would make it ungainly and frustrating, even without a heated match.

Perhaps do two menus.

Hitting and holding down the hot key would raise the simple menu that lets you select stuff quickly in the middle of a battle. You would move your cursor over the correct region and release the hot key to select and run the command. Tapping it twice would bring up another menu with several commands arranged in an intuitive manner. You would click on a command to select and run it, closing the menu.

In the first case, releasing the hot key without mousing over a command would cancel the menu (this is why we ought to leave the center open, otherwise hitting the hot key accidentally would be horribly annoying). In the second, hitting it a third time would cancel it.

Simple, intuitive, and compact.
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