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Looking forward to xonotic release meanwhile newbie Nexuiz problem

Sorry to bring up Nexuiz but I assure you I am not taking the Micky Bliss. I tried to register at the alienTRAP Nexuiz forum but can't find a registration link anywhere. As a free software supporter I only plan to play Nexuiz until Xonotic is released. I am new to Nexuiz and have it installed on Aptosid. My problem is that the players avatars and all the weapons and health bonuses etc are invisible. The only things I can see are the map, avatar name bubbles that say teammate and weapon fire effects. Apart from this unfortunate invisibility the game appears to play normally. If anyone can suggest a fix I would be most grateful. Looking forward to Xonotic 0.9/1.0.

o_O that is interesting news - haven't noticed that but TRUE you can't register anymore to the alienTRAP forum. So after having banned me I cannot even re-register! LOL. Weird.

Can't help you with that problem of yours, sadly. But I am confident someone will be able to here. Oh, and welcome to the forum!
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Sounds like a 3D driver problem that seems to happen often with the open source 3D drivers. Please try the nvidia or AMD proprietary drivers, as the open source ones simply are not up to the task yet.
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Welcome to the Xonotic Forums! Big Grin
Welcome in our world Wink
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Thanks for welcome, and to divVerant you were right installing that driver sorted the problem. Smile

Yaaay! Another mystery successfully solved!
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