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So, is this the new Nexuiz?

I head Nexuiz was officially dead. Is that true?

Well, it's still open source and available, so in theory it could keep going forever. But almost all of the core development staff has jumped over to Xonotic. So, in a sense, this is the spiritual successor to Nex.

Hmm, ok. Is the game still going to be based on the quake 3 engine? And will maps be created in GTK radiant still?
I have been working on a multi-mode map for several months only to stop by the Nexuiz forum to see it was practically dead. I would love to convert my map to work with Xonotic instead of having wasted work... I've created a crap top of models and textures for the map. So it is kind of demoralizing.

You can go on with your work, mappers are needed! (I think, NetRadiant is the better alternative to GtkRadiant, but dont ask me, I'm no mapper Wink)

Of course, you can still map with the same programs, the player models will be a little smaller.
Maybe there are some guys that will introduce you in the special changes for mappers. Or even, feel free to join #xonotic or/and #xonotic.editing on irc. Im sure there is someone who can help you Wink

Quote:Hmm, ok. Is the game still going to be based on the quake 3 engine?
Nexuiz was not based on the Quake 3 engine, but on DarkPlaces (which is a greatly improved Quake 1). Xonotic will also use DarkPlaces.

Welcome to Xonotic. Enjoy your stay and good luck with your map!
"Yes, there was a spambot some time ago on these forums." - aa

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