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Trust_reloaded (a trust remake, CTF)

Hello guys,
I started to work on a trust remake. Smile

The original map is by dublpaws.
I'll retexture the whole map and I'll add some new "rooms", areas, maybe weapons and items.
In addition I scaled the whole map down (from 1.0 to 0.9; each dimension)
I'm lucky Cortez and FruitieX help me a lot, I'm no "mapping-pro" Tongue

As soon as the map reaches the "alpha-version" (the first playable version Wink) I'll upload it. Until that you can see here the latest screenshots. (Remember that there are remaining textures on these pictures...)
help/infos/tipps/suggestions are welcome! Big Grin

[Image: xonotic000000kiw0.jpg]
The center of the map.
[Image: xonotic000000calj.jpg]
The rocketlauncher and a warpzone
[Image: xonotic0000018zik.jpg]

During going ahead with retexturing the Trust_remake I got some new "errors" when testing the map. As the netradiant pictures show, the size of the textures should be bigger than they are in the map itself.
Any solutions? Smile

[Image: textures1vtjx.png]
[Image: xonotic000007bt3d.jpg]

[Image: textures2wpul.png]
[Image: xonotic000008gt4z.jpg]

The map still has some remaining problems, but here is the first fully textured download! Smile

I fixed some lights and last textures today, remade the warpzones.

Here are some screenshots of some unfixed problems... Please help! Smile
[Image: xonotic000014fy40.jpg]
Texture problems like these are all over the map, I dont know how to fix.
[Image: xonotic0000159a5l.jpg]
Jumppad is way too strong, lights too weak.
[Image: xonotic00001619ks.jpg]
Trigger_hurt or a trim would be nice...
[Image: xonotic000011szqm.jpg]
[Image: xonotic000008abh7.jpg]
See post above... Textures are scaled wrong.
[Image: xonotic0000107916.jpg]
Look at the area around the crosshair. Brush problems, maybe caused by the light.

If you find problems/unfixed things, report! Smile

I fixed most of the bugs/remaining things for the remake.
Textures (shown in the 2nd post, above) wont be displayed in the same size ingame as in netradiant.
After fixing these textures map would be playable.

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