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The Achavela Project - a proposal for free, Pokemon-style game

Someone had to come up with this, right?

Basically, it's an open game project that would create a *mon-style game. Just as it was done with Super Mario Bros (→ Super Tux).

You can read about the whole project here:
(08-10-2012, 02:37 AM)Mr. Bougo Wrote: Cloud is the new Web 2.0. It makes no damn sense to me.

I lol'd at the file being a .odt. xD

Silly OpenOffice plugin doesn't even work, now I need to wget it :/

Sounds like a neat project, there really should be more F/OSS games suitable for all ages (Ultimate Tux Racer and Super Tux come to mind immediately). I was never really a big fan of the Pokemon games or television show, but I really like the idea of using the FSF mascots in a super-boss type role, and these characters seem perfect for promoting F/OSS software to children. For those who don't know about it, there's a sweet list of mascots at
[Image: vN3NkMA]
(Idea stolen from Mr. Bougo. Hehehehe)

Update: I just posted this proposal at Ubuntu Forums. Link:
(08-10-2012, 02:37 AM)Mr. Bougo Wrote: Cloud is the new Web 2.0. It makes no damn sense to me.

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