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Poll: Benchmarking demo?
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[SUGGESTION] Xonotic Benchmarking demo

This is just a some kind of "show off" suggestion, so it's not very important. But I think that it's quite easy to code so that's why I want to share this idea.

Many of you may know, that Nexuiz was often referred as some kind of graphically best open source game and because Nexuiz, as we know it, is dead Xonotic will gain this honor. In addittion, DarkPlaces is very unique game engine in some way - based on very old Quake engine but still can render very good and modern graphics. That's why I think Xonotic could contain some kind of way to show off what DarkPlaces can do.

Usually this is done with graphic demos (completely different program). However, I think no-one is interested in making complete new program atop DarkPaces engine so people can check how their computers can handle DarkPlaces. But some of games have built-in benchmarking demo, so players can benchmark their computers, how well their computer can run that specific game. It runs one (or two, or three) different scenes with specific graphic settings and records FPS. After that, maximum, minimum and an average FPS is displayed or something like that (maybe some kind of diagram?).

This should be easy to make. Some kind of special commensurate config(s) for benchmarking, one (or more) demos which are run (they can be like walking in a large area, firing balls with electro and exploding them, killing 20 dudes with single shot etc.) and then "some" code which records max, min and avrg FPS and other small stuff. And voilá!

In this way Xonotic will ensure its position as a best open source game available. By showing off.

Edit: This is a good example (Resident Evil 5):

Open the Demo tab (Multiplayer), select a demo, press Timedemo. Voilá.
There seems to be a benchmark demo already (the-big-keybench), there also have been several benchmark demos in Nexuiz.

We should not have specific SETTINGS for benchmarking - the default config + the effect presets should do for that.

However: we can use more demos. Send in good benchmark demos with a lot of action!
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Quote:We should not have specific SETTINGS for benchmarking - the default config + the effect presets should do for that.
Why not have different settings? What's the use, if you can't test your settings? (compare FEAR1 and BatmanAA benchmark demos, good examples)

P.S.: This is not thread necromancy since the poll is still running! Tongue
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