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Ask your questions about Xonotic here

I've been watching/reading/learning silently for several years and finally decided to create an account here.
I've played Xonotic on and off for a long time, and this forum has been a godsend. Though I've always been too hesitant to make an account because I've seen the way people are roasted for posting in the wrong places, or asking simple questions.

I'm sorry to be blunt, but I've been asking myself this question for a while now.

Why is there still no Xonotic installer file for Windows ?

Before you answer (The last poll i could find was almost completely split down the middle) , I just want to point to the enormous amount of sacrifice, hard work, and focus that has been put into this project. Hardworking  and skilled artists deserve to have their hard work viewed by the world, and accessible to as many people as possible. That is the idea of free, and open source.

Not only is Xonotic limited by this, but installing software to the downloads folder is generally frowned upon, and it feels unprofessional to continue presenting Xonotic in this way.

I was able to put together a basic windows installer for version 0.8.5 using Inno setup. After removing some unnecessary x86 files, and the linux files, i was able to compile everything into a very basic installation file (~1.10GB) that displays the GPL v3 before installing.

I have searched the forums for a Windows installer but have only found people arguing over whether it should be done.

It seems that since the last poll was almost a perfect 50/50 split,  a windows installer file should (at the very least ) be included in the list of Download links, or available somewhere on this site.

I hope this doesn't fall on deaf ears, and I sincerely hope the Xonotic Team will hear me out on this one.

Much love, and respect to the community.


@Jake - An installer isn't needed when one can simply extract the zip file to a different folder and use it from there.
asyyy^ | are you releated to chuck norris?

Hey, do you think it's possible to create custom bot profiles? I found this bots.txt file and i think it's possible, however i need a confirmation.

Hosting a server seems confusing and it also appears that hosting a custom game doesn’t work without a server. So is setting a server up the only way to 1v1? Since there only seems to be servers built around team modes or deathmatch.

You just need to join a duel server. Make sure to check "empty" at the top to show servers that are empty.
Visit our clan website:

(05-14-2023, 07:09 PM)ballerburg9005 Wrote: You just need to join a duel server. Make sure to check "empty" at the top to show servers that are empty.

Oh there are servers dedicated for 1s? I didn’t know that cool

(05-14-2023, 07:09 PM)ballerburg9005 Wrote: You just need to join a duel server. Make sure to check "empty" at the top to show servers that are empty.

Also I’m new so nowhere near good enough for clan stuff. Seems fun tho


So I've been trying to spawn monsters or vehicles in official map (afaik there aren't any on official maps, feel free to correct me), but

-For monsters I type in the console editmob spawn, but it says monster spawning is disabled. F8, as the wiki says doesn't do the job.
-For vehicles I have no idea if it's even possible from the console.

So if possible, how can I do this? Thanks in advanced.

same here

If you go to

And select the map:

It has vehicles you can get into.

In 0.8.5 I can just put custom maps under /data
In 0.8.6 it does not recognize my maps.

Did you put your custom maps in the game dir or in the user dir?

The maps will be deleted if you put them in the game dir then update from 0.8.5 to 0.8.6 with the rsync script.
It's better to copy your maps to data/ in your user directory:

No, that is not what I mean.
I am running low on C drive space, so I prefer to put maps in the root_folder/data.
However Xonotic 0.8.6 sets the root_folder to "read only" automatically everytime I run the game, deleting all my custom maps.

Sometimes it seems they jump after a laser shot, maybe that was not intentional?

(08-22-2023, 04:23 PM)zwz Wrote: Sometimes it seems they jump after a laser shot, maybe that was not intentional?

don't think i've ever seen them do it
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Bots will not use the laser jump. The only way to have one do it is to make said AI yourself.

Hello guys
No, bots don't use laser jumps. Laser jumps are typically associated with playful reactions in cats, not artificial intelligence or bots.youtubevanced

Reading qcsrc/server/bot in Gitlab ( ) or in the Xonotic install directory, I found no implementation of bots' blaster jumping.

So the answer is no.

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