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Why are there so many downrated threads?

Seriously, take a look: So many of them are rated 1 star.. like.. wtf? Why? FOTM February was rated 1 star, and that thread is perfectly fine so wtf?

inb4 this thread becomes rated 1 star.

I don't think this rating is sooo important. At least I don't care about it and would not miss it.

Same as Mirio.
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#deathmatchers @


Rated this tread 5 stars Big Grin

(But I dont really care about ratings too.)
Moved to Mepper

I dont care for the rating either; however it IS interesting. mis-clicks? tololol? hmm quite the mystery Tongue

That would be me, I registered many accounts just so I could rate threads down multiple times.

Trolls probably.

I'd rather see the rating feature go, to be honest Tongue
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(02-16-2011, 03:27 PM)ThePWTULN Wrote: Trolls probably.

I'd rather see the rating feature go, to be honest Tongue

Same here. I can't even make a video of me screwing around and my balance thread has a bad rating which probably causes newcomers to avoid even looking at it.

Oh wait.

The rating isnt so important, the title is rly the most important.

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same for rep points.... , wtf is with that shit....


IMO the rating system should be removed.

(02-17-2011, 04:41 AM)chooksta Wrote: same for rep points.... , wtf is with that shit....

Yeah wtf is with that shit indeed... how could you POSSIBLY be rated the highest?!?!?!?!?!?!! >:O

jk :^

probs cos...

me plumber!

(oh and everyone who reped me are f,,kin awesome and ive had the pleasure working/talking/helping with)

wouldnt be my tunes...



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