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Be a part of a frag movie!

Hello everyone,
I am currently working on my last frag movie for nexuiz, and just had the idea to ask everyone in the community for their demos. You see, I was originally intending the entire frag movie to contain only frags from MiT, but since this is going to be my last nexuiz frag movie, and also since I have an entire song already done that has only frags by MiT, I thought to myself "It would be a nice idea to have some demos from other people for the second song."

Here is what I am looking for:
UPDATE: As of 7/4/11, I an no longer accepting demos. Thank you to everyone who submitted demos to me!

Nexuiz frags: Please do not send me xonotic frags, since I am intending for this frag movie to be the *last* nexuiz frag movie I make.

Above average
: I'm primarily looking for some great frags for the video. No offense to some of those, but I'm not looking for mid air nex shots that everyone makes. I'm talking about mid air mortars, lasers, double nex kill, triple nex kills, etc etc. I will let everyone know whether or not I use their frag(s) in the video.

Timestamp: As much as I would like to watch everyone's demos, I do not have the time to sit through every single demo looking for frags. Please include a text file that contains all of the times where the frags happen in the demo. Also, make sure to specify if the clock is counting down or up.

Host: I really don't mind what host you use to upload, but I would prefer if you used omploader or mediafire, since it would allow me to quickly and easily download the demos.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! You can contact me when I'm online in the xonotic IRC channel on quakenet.
I greatly appreciate whatever everyone sends,

You forgot to add, "Teeworlds demos welcome!" :-)
[Image: b6er95.png]

ProjektGhost Wrote:You forgot to add, "Teeworlds demos welcome!" :-)
Get out Tongue

I'll have a look when I get time to see if I have anything left over..
[Image: 542.png]

#deathmatchers @



Aw petty I don't have my good demos anymore. All thats left are the vids on my youtube channel Sad
Hey, want to learn to map? You might want to start here and here!

may i add some flying in it? , please?


i can do more too !

and i gots some other cool tricks:

maybe some tunes?

a funny thingo?




gl , its gunna be awesome anyways imo!

kinda sad too , bein the last one Sad


are you planning on doing a xonotic frag movie after this? (just curious)
Master of mysterious geometries

Imgur Gallery

Possibly, depending on how successful this fragmovie is. This will be my first frag movie using updated software (Adobe production premium cs5) without much limitation (sony vegas movie studio with it's 4 video and audio track limitation was painful :|). Also, I would probably make it sometime after xonotic has gained a solid player base, since by then I'm sure plenty of people will have good frags.

No one has any frags? :/

ill assumed you no liked my little vid :/
but i could turn on demo recording , but me plumber , and frags from me on a 300+ server may not be what ya want mate Smile

also helo!

oh , i do have this btw :

Big Grin

but i posted that before.... , that one is the one ftw


I always have "record demos" on. So I've got loads of them, only no idea how to post them here.

If you are interested in some nice rocketminsta videos, plz tell me how to put my demos here.
Moved to Mepper

Rocket minsta? Dunno how that would fit, since it's one shot one kill for the most part. If you are talking two or more kills in one shot... Big Grin

Anyway, you can just use omploader to upload the demos. If you could make a text file with the times that the frags occur, and zip the text file with the demo, I would greatly appreciate it.


Two frags in a row does, well, never occur in RM. In normal minsta it does, but not here.

But it especially gives nice really long distance frags and an amazing movement. I'll see if I can upload some stuff (this will take some time for me Big Grin)
Moved to Mepper

Please explain again how to upload videos, I tried, but what is omploader? Is it a program, or just in Nexuiz. If I look into my demo list, i can only click, play and timedemo. Please explain in very easy language Tongue

I started with making this things about one week ago. What kinda videos you would want. Many frags, or much caps. Today I made 1 of them both, one game 12 caps (switching team Big Grin), other 82 frags (including a few massacres, and I thought one mayhem (if not, I have others with mayhem)).
I have not made any extremely good game yet, this week. (You know, a game in which you play against loads of very good enemy's, and you just kill them all, make loads of caps, and you're pumped full with adrenaline, and you have exactly the right "fingerspitzengefuhl". I started filming after one. If I make an other one, I'll try to post it here. But howHuh
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#16 - This
Then you select the demo that you want to upload (~\Nexuiz\data\demos) and click "OMPLOAD". Then you copy and paste the link into this topic.


Demos, demos, demos, demos, demos.

Please guys, if you have anything good, upload them for me. I have only gotten demos from two people so far. I need a lot more than just two demos if I plan on finishing this second song Tongue


More rocketminsta, especially the second one is very good, but both contain nice frags and caps Smile:

P.S. Omploader is slow, and tell me if I did something wrong Tongue
Moved to Mepper

Oh, I hope its not too late for another demo by me and I hope its nice enough to be in your movie Wink

(Its a lasershot and a finish by the nex to prevent the enemy of taking the mega)

needs % done mr lizard imo




I only have about 20% of the demos I need to finish the video. I already have the first video of the frag movie entirely done, but the second video (community part) I still lack the amount of demos that I need.

comon guys, make a little effort and remove the dust from your trophee demos.

PCLizard, did you find anything from my ftp demo's of use?
[Image: 542.png]

#deathmatchers @


Yeah, a few nice ones. I still need a lot more unfortunately...I'm just surprised that there wasn't a lot of people with demos ready. I thought for sure that there would be a lot of people who had some good demos in hand. :/

I made one good demo more today, I will post it tomorrow. (My new balance testing xonotic kinda crashed, I need to download it again Sad)

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