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Coding & Testing HELP needed: Death / intermission chase camera, and damage effects

Some might already know the two recent features I'm working on, which are the event chasecam and weapon damage effects on players. I'll quote their description from another thread, and some screenshots and a video of them:

(04-04-2011, 09:33 AM)MirceaKitsune Wrote: Player and gib damage effects, causing certain particles to come out of players for X seconds after they are shot (based on the weapon of damage). Branch is xonotic-data.pk3dir - mirceakitsune/damage_effects.

Effects: If shot with a bullet weapon (Shotgun UZI or Sniper), players will bleed constantly. If shot with Fireball or any rocket weapon, players will catch fire. If shot with a plasma weapon, players will emit bright steam of that color. Effect duration is based on the amount of damage done.

[Image: g8lnr72gerhaptmjsvr7_thumb.jpg] [Image: k646pt4pglqgwt611gc_thumb.jpg] [Image: f3qq3jfvhx6qehunxygj_thumb.jpg] [Image: sm815bpop30pb4z8laa_thumb.jpg] [Image: 2r4kw6uvz8e55dzb1p_thumb.jpg] [Image: 4kmopx9nl4q2udwidlv_thumb.jpg] [Image: rehbih0ser3zx005h04_thumb.jpg]

(04-07-2011, 06:39 PM)MirceaKitsune Wrote: Something else I made, but forgot to post here. I recently added 3rd person deaths and intermissions, activating chase_active for dead players and after the match ends. This is a nice effect that almost all shooters have. Currently in merge request state.

I need help with finishing and testing them! So I'm calling all coders who wish to see those features in master to please help with testing, and fixing some final issues I can't nail down. Without testing and someone else to check, I can't finalize them alone, but spend weeks fixing merge conflicts with master instead.

The 3rd person camera is almost ready. Only one issue is left; The view shakes / lags around when moving the mouse while dead. That's because view_angles and cl_view_angles are updated with a 2-3 frame delay in the client code, causing camera movement based on them to lag for a few frames and look ugly when moving the mouse (can be seen better with cl_maxfps 10). The reason for this needs to be identified and fixed. Other than that, this code is ready AFAIK.

For the damage effects, the feature is ready too on my end. But it needs to be tested for bugs and the code looked at thoroughly. I don't know if it's all coded properly (specifically the ent sending from server to client). If it is however, the code for this is also nearly ready and final. I also believe this should be tested in multiplayer a bit.

Both GIT branches are in xonotic-data.pk3dir. They are mirceakitsune/event_chasecam for the camera and mirceakitsune/damage_effects for the damage (click the links for their web pages, which should contain the diffs). If anyone wishes to help, please test how they work, look at the code, and say if they look done properly and ready to you. Feel free to quote code here if needed. And if necessary, poke me on IRC as well (my nickname there is Taoki). Hope we can get these features in master soonish Smile Thanks!

The event chasecam is now in master! Focus can go to the damage effects, which were not tested by anyone else yet. Please take a look at them and let me know what you think!

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