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Xonotic First CTF 5on5 clan game + Match Report

I will colour-code the names+Clan tag's tomorrow evening and finish off the report (3rd map) and add screenshots + demos when I get back from work, this already took me over 2 hours.

Hello all.

Tongiht DMs (Deahtmatchers) played a CTF 5on5 vs [BOT] on the ctf pickup server. It was very interesting game's and after DMs practice last week vs half bot and half pickup players, both parties were interested to play again and see what they could do. Here's the match-report for all 3 maps, written by myself - all reports are from my POV, and from me watching my demo, so I try to make it as good as possible from what it's possible for me to see. Enjoy.

First map Attic:


DMs: kojn, morfar, ai, CriboZai, Unknown
BOT: Mirio, naryl, kuniu the frogg, Grunt, fisume^

As any who know this map, it is quite a low scoring map at times, it re-quires good team-play to get the flag out and back to base normally, and is a very fraggy map with a lot of action in the middle. Here's how it unfolded!

The match begins, and DMs|ai draws first blood after 15 seconds of the match beginning, the first armours for both teams have been taken, and both teams are looking to get weapons and launch there first attacks. The action is slow to start off with, with both teams fragging in the middle waiting for the first Quad to spawn. At 18:24 it duly obliges and has spawned with each team getting men forward before it spawns. BOT secure the first quad, and make there attack down the RL/100a flank/side but the quad carrier is quickly taken out by DMs|Unknown.

With action mainly going on in the middle areas of the map where the quad lies, both teams were struggling to get into each other's bases. However at 16:30 DMs broke the deadlock with there first pickup of the game by DMs|ai, apparently he get's stuck against some wall and BOT are shooting him but he doesn't die or something weird, anyhow ai is running like a mad-man he leaves via the 100armour way out of there base, but switches to the nex path, he then drops down to there RL, where kojn has already decided with cribozai that he will push up to help cover, by this time the 2nd quad of the match is about to spawn, and none other then DMs|Unknown is able to grab it without much resistance, he drops down with the quad with good timing and covers ai and kojn, DMs| now have 2 covering ai with no BOT in site, good comms from DMs and they go down the electro side where morfar is meeting them at the end, cribozai holds the 100armour side and DMs| follow ai into base, to secure the first cap of the map.

BOT not discouraged, launch there first major attack at 14:30 when they are able to get the next quad and attack down the electro side, however DMs are expecting the quad rush/push and BOT are met by stiff resistance in the form of 3 DMs players, the german powerhause of fisume^ has the quad and is fragging very well, he switches from electro to the nex and is fragging well but isn't really able to get into base and backs off, another BOT attacks from the electro side but is quickly killed by the Machineguns of the DMs players in base.

The next quad is due up, and it duly obliges at 12:15 with both sides getting many player's to it, resulting in a 6man frenzy all fighting over it. Shortly after BOT breach DMs stubborn defence for the first time via the 100armour side, however DMs are very aware of this and go to defend as a unit with 4 of them inside the base, BOT try to come round the back but DMs|kojn and DMs|CriboZai are lasering up and the BOT attack is stopped in it's tracks before they can touch the flag. DMs|kojn covers the flag whilst the remaining team go out each way to check the base is clear, before DMs|kojn leaves to go back to his duties.

At 11:20 [BOT]Grunt breaches the DMs defence again and picks up the flag for the first time, only to be quickly killed before he can leave.

at 10:40 kojn takes the quad, met with very minimal resistance for once and drops down to the enemies electro side where DMs|Unknown and another are waiting they attack the electro flank as a 3 man team with another DMs player already at the enemy nex which makes it a 4man attack. DMs|kojn splits and attacks up the nex jumppad taking out a [BOT] player, only for [BOT]Naryl to superbly shotgun-melee kill, much to DMs|kojn's dislike!

[BOT] make there 2nd pickup just as DMs|kojn dies, however DMs|CriboZai is in the base, and riddles the [BOT] player full of holes with his machinegun, with DMs|kojn respawning who was waiting with his puny shotgun if CriboZai needed the help..which he didn't.

At the 10:00 minute mark, DMs| make 3 pickups, each unsuccessful, this was a result of there mass quad-attack, but [BOT] are defending like beasts and kill every DMs player who picked up the flag.

3 mins later and there is not much action going on in regards to flags, each team fragging in the middle of the park, at 4:30 [BOT]Grunt once again breaches the 100armour side and picks up only for DMs|Unknown to return with the defence alerted quickly.

At 4:00 minutes remaining, [BOT] cleverly take DMs flag and get all the way to there electro side near the nexgun, but DMs| are mumbling, on mumble funny enough, and with good comms know exactly where the EFC (Enemy Flag Carrier) is, unfortunately [BOT] ran out of cover and [BOT]kuniu the frogg is fragged and DMs| return.

Last 2 minutes of the game and DMs| are becoming aware of [BOT]s quad runs and so defend a bit more deeper, rather then risk losing a cap.

At 1:50 fisume grabs the flag, but 3 DMs are on him too quickly and he can't do anything but die before he can get out towards the electro side of DMs base.

At 0:45 [BOT] launch a 3-man attack with the quad to try draw level the game, they pick up the flag but the Flag Carrier with quad fisume^ is taken out by DMs|kojn, another [BOT] grabs and tries to leave the base via the 100a route, however he is literally being chased by not one, not two, not three, but 4 DMs| players with machine guns and mortar and dies in the room.

Two more attack the 100a way with [BOT] throwing everthing into attack, they pickup the flag and drop down but DMs|kojn filled [BOT]Mirio full of lead from his machine gun and the other backup dies shortly after.

The map ends 1-0 in Deathmatchers favour, but not after a very hard fought map.

DMs| win 1-0

Second map: Moonstone.


DMs: kojn, morfar, ai, CriboZai, Unknown
BOT: Mirio, naryl, kuniu the frogg, Grunt, fisume^

This is a much more easier map to get the flag out of the base.

Would [BOT] be able to sneak away with a win on this one? Read below to find out.

[BOT]Mirio draws first blood.
[BOT] Launch there first attack at 19:15, but it's just one man and DMs|CriboZai kills him.

DMs| score there first pickup courtesy of DMs|Morfar at 18:20ish. In the blue base of DMs| there has been very little [BOT] attack of late and DMs|kojn and DMs|CriboZai are having a peaceful time on mumble talking about bunny rabbits whilst they await the [BOT] onslaught.

With DMs|morfar's first grab he struggles to leave the [BOT] base thanks to fisume^ who frags him in the ass, and returns the flag.

Shortly after [BOT]kuniu the frogg gives [BOT] there first flag pickup at 17:35ish but is on his own and is quickly killed as he tries to leave via the 100armour cave, he get's close but is fragged just as he's about to land onto that side.

At 16:00 [BOT] make there second pickup and are attacking the MegaHealth cave side more, getting on DMs|kojn's nerves a lot, however they are un-organised this time and fail to get out of the base, being fragged before they can leave the centre way. It seems it's mainly [BOT]kuniu the frogg attacking but he is having little success due to always being in a 2v1 situation.

At 13:00 DMs|kojn finally see's [BOT] launch a more organised attacking, attacking with [BOT]Mirio and [BOT]Grunt via the Megahealth cave but they are taken out by DMs|kojn before they can get inside DMs| base.

at 12:15 [BOT]Mirio takes the quad, around the same-time DMs|ai takes [BOT]s flag at about 12:05, DMs|kojn goes to backup the middle of the map to get to ai, but [BOT]Mirio kills him with the quad and is waiting on DMs| side of the middle of the map for there Flag Carrier. DMs|ai goes via the side cave, but loses the flag, morfar picks up after covering him and unknown is not far behind either, DMs| had a FC + 2man cover at the side cave where there RocketLauncher is in the middle of the map. DMs|kojn has respawned by this time and is now at mid, also covering the Flag Carrier, DMs|morfar makes his way back to base via the megahealth tunnel, followed by DMs|kojn, DMs|Unknown and the newly spawned DMs|ai. DM|kojn kills [BOT]Grunt chasing and DMs|morfar caps with all 3 players covering him and DMs|CriboZai in base. 1-0 DMs|.

At 10:10ish [BOT] take the quad...once again. [BOT]Mirio and [BOT]kuniu the frogg attack via the Megahealth cave with the quad, DMs|kojn takes out Mirio, but [BOT]Grunt has come in via the centre in a VERY well timed [BOT] attack, he picks up the flag and DM|kojn ignores [BOT]kuniu the frogg to concentrate on [BOT]Grunt. [BOT]Grunt is gunned down as [BOT]kuniu the frogg goes to try cover him but he is also killed by DMs|kojn as they try to leave the centre route. Very impressive [BOT] attack and they were unlucky to not get out.

At 9 mins gone DMs|Unknown picks up the [BOT] flag, 3 DMs| players go to cover including DMs|kojn to the DMs| rocket launcher side cave where there flag carrier is about to come too, however a great piece of timing by [BOT]Mirio see's DMs| Flag Carrier killed before he can get to his awaiting 3 man backup, great comms by DMs| to get people in place..better work by [BOT]Mirio to return just before they could get there!

Next 2mins resulted in a few more pickups, and [BOT] upping there attack

6:30 DMs| pickup by DMs|ai, DM|kojn once again goes from defence to help the attack and cover, in the meantime [BOT] take DMs| flag with DMs|CriboZai telling DMs|kojn where the EFC is going, DMs|kojn is nearby in the mega health cave waiting for the EFC. It is no other then [BOT]kuniu the frogg, who kojn is able to frag after kuniu picks up the Megehealth and return.

DMs|kojn then kills another [BOT[ goes to mid to help cover, where DMs|ai is about to go down the centre path to base with excellent cover from DMs|unknown through the middle of the map. DMs|ai makes it 2-0 with 6 minutes remaining, thankful for the cover of DMs|unknown.

5:30 remaining, [BOT]kuniu the frogg attacks with the quad, but once again DMs| are defending as a unit with 3 men awaiting the quad and quickly take him out.

at 3:50-4:00ish [BOT]Mirio attacks with the quad the megahealth cave way, and shows DMs|kojn how to die, [BOT]kuniu the frogg comes in via the centre picks up the flag and tries to laser to the megahealth cave but DMs|CriboZai takes him out, [BOT]Mirio then comes in from the centre after having reversed from the megahealth cave, DMs|kojn kills him after respawning via his machine-gun and DMs|Unknown returns the flag.

At 2:20 [BOT] mount a good attack via the centre and are starting to get more success coming in this way, [BOT]Grunt picks up with one covering, and DMs|kojn and DMs|CriboZai give chase. However they run into DMs|Unknown who kills the the EFC and returns.

1:00 min remaining and [BOT]Grunt again takes the flag, and get's to the middle of the map after his one man cover behind him in DMs| base is taken out, however cover is not there quick enough and he is killed just before the quad bridge with DMs|kojn returning.

[BOT] launch a 3-man attack via the megahealth cave/tunnel, and DMs|kojn is there to unload a clip of bullet's into them, he takes out [BOT]Naryl followed by [BOT]Mirio and nearly [BOT]Grunt before being fragged himself, DMs|CriboZai mops up [BOT]Grunt, and with there last attack the map ends 2-0 in DMs favour.

DMs| win 2-0

Third map - Apace:


DMs: kojn, morfar, ai, CriboZai, Unknown
BOT: Mirio, naryl, kuniu the frogg, Grunt, fisume^

Apace, this [BOT]kuniu the frogg's newest map and it is bloody ruddy good!
Anyhow, here is how the action unfolded piece by piece!

The match begins!

First blood goes to fisume^ after 15 seconds.
[BOT] begins it's first one-man attack courtesy of [BOT]Grunt, however he attacks with the shotgun only via the centre way into DMs base. He goes for the flag but not really shooting and is easily fragged by DMs.

The first quad spawns at about 18:40 and it goes to [BOT] I think, at this point DMs|kojn and DMs|CriboZai have a very tight but also very easy going defence. At 17:50'ish [BOT]Kuniu the frogg get's close to DMs flag but is killed by DMs|kojn with support from DMs|CriboZai.

At 17:45 DMs|Morfar picks up [BOT]s flag, at this point DMs|Morfar is informing is which way he is going, and DMs|ai is giving back-up to him from behind, DMs|kojn goes off to make his way to the centre of the map to meet DMs|Morfar. At this point it was pin-point timing accuracy, with DMs|Unknown approaching from the electro side of DMs into the centre of the map from the side, at the exact same time DMs|kojn got there and the exact same time DMs|Morfar appeared.

DMs|Morfar is now at the centre and has like 3-4 [BOT] in-tow chasing him. DMs|Morfar is fragged, and DMs|Unknown picks up the flag, DMs|ai is shortly fragged after. At this point there is 3 [BOT] vs 2 DMs|. DMs|kojn frags [BOT]Mirio then [BOT]Grunt, DMs|Unknown is running backwards going the electro side route back to base shooting with the crylink with DMs|kojn shooting the last enemy in the back, DMs|Unknown kills him and DMs|kojn follows to cover...also I believe one [BOT] player went to our base via the middle at this point instead of chasing the FC.

DMs|Unknown laser's up just before the jump-pad after the electro going back to base, the dynamic-swedish duo of DMs|Morfar/DMs|ai is waiting at the jump-pad, one below it and one directly above it, DMs|CriboZai is basically on the flag, and with this all 5 DMs| are in the base and cap. I have to say that this was terrific teamplay from DMs and also a very good chase by [BOT] excellent fighting in the middle 4v4 by both teams before this capture was by far the bet point of the match, with very excellent comms by DMs|.

The 2nd quad at about 16:30 spawns, [BOT]Grunt with the quad and [BOT]Mirio attack via the centre of the map towards DMs| base but quickly killed by DMs|kojn with the help of DMs|Cribozai and another.

This was the first major [BOT] attack, but once again they attacked from one angle only with both players.

[BOT] have there first pickup at 15:25 by the great [BOT]Kuniu the frogg.
[BOT] have there second pickup of the game 40 seconds later and once again it's [BOT]Kuniu the frogg who picks up and tries to go the centre way but is again quickly killed with no cover as 4 DMs| give chase.

The next 2 minutes of the match were pretty quiet with not a lot happening in terms of pickups/action.

At about 12:00 mark DMs|Unknown picks up the flag, DMs|kojn is screaming down mumble to ask which way he is going but no later DMs|kojn get's to the centre, DMs|Unknown is already racing past him with his ENERGY LEGS, so fast that mother nature is having to say 'SLOWWWWWW DOWNNNNN' (sponsored by powerthirst), he caps at about 11:40 with a superb individual effort and fast speed to make it 2-0 DMs!

At 10:35 [BOT]kuniu the frogg takes the DMs he had been doing all-game, and frags DMs|kojn and goes the nexgun route. DMs|CriboZai at the centre goes to pursue, with DMs|kojn respawning and going centre also. With good comms DMs| are quickly tracking him down and DMs|ai frags [BOT]kuniu the frogg and returns. Once again he had no or little cover as [BOT] were clearly having trouble communicating or getting to there Flag Carrier.

Quiet again until DMs|Morfar picks up at about 8:20, he get's out and comes to mid with DMs|kojn and another waiting to cover, fisume^ is waiting on the quad which is about to spawn, and DMs|kojn kind of ignores him which was not a wise move. With a good piece of individual skill fisume^ kills all of the DMs| player's and returns the flag before he is fragged.

At 7:30'ish [BOT]Mirio takes the flag with another, but his backup dies. [BOT]Mirio goes to the centre then tries to go to his base's crylink route from the center, again 3 DMs| players are in pursuit and with good comms again he is taken out before he can cap and the flag is returned.

At 7:00 minutes remaining DMs|morfar picks up the flag, but get's fragged on his way back, DMs|ai is on hand to cover and get's back to cap for 3-0!

At 3:00 DMs|morfar once again caps with small cover from DMs|kojn to make it 4-0.

DMs|ai is not happy with this and decides he wants one more cap then DMs|morfar. He does a morfar, and picks up the flag and with some small cover once he is on DMs| half of the map. DMs| clear there 100a area of the enemy and DMs|ai switches and comes in via the middle (over the mortar I think) and caps to make it 5-0.

1:30 Left and both teams have each other's flag at there respective bases!

DMs|kojn and DMs|Unknown go to cover and the rest cover the FC.

1:00 Left remaining and DMs|kojn finds fisume^, he is hurting him badly but is also missing a lot of shot's by panicking. fisume^ frags DMs|kojn before he is killed and so is still alive.

The time runs out and the map finishes 5-0 in DMs| favour.

DMs| win 5-0

GG all.


DMs| had an extra week of playing with each other on [BOT] and the week before had gone over moonstone and attic to sort some things out very quickly, however apace was the first time they had played the map (for DMs|kojn and DMs|CriboZai and the first time as a team.

All in all it was a great 3 maps, [BOT] can feel hard done by the attic score/result and it probably should of been a draw, on another day these things would of gone there way and they also would of probably capped when they had one of there solo runs also.

However as it showed, when things go your way team-play will avail.

DMs probably had the better frag power on all 3 maps, but it was there superior team-play that made it that they could win all of the maps and stop [BOT] from capping, attacking and defending they were able to get cover to there Flag Carrier with better communication then [BOT] could and as such this resulted in them capping more, and were able to defend better..again with better communication.

Let's take things into perspective though, it was [BOT]s first game as a team and they played very-well considering and as said, on another day probably would of got some caps, however they need to work on there communication for there next game's and try to get everyone on (listening at the very least if someone doesn't have a mic, but try to all get mics (microphones) in the future.

With some further practice [BOT] should become a much better all round team and it will be interesting to see how DMs do against them, but for these games DMs| showed there superior communication and team-play combined with there very good all round individual ability to win all 3 maps.
[Image: 542.png]

#deathmatchers @


Hehe great report and good games. Obviously not happy with the results though. Tongue
Attic was just a stupid defeat and is still pissing me off until we get a re-match. Shy
Our positions were:
Defence: Naryl, Mirio | Middle: fisume | Attack: kuniuthefrogg, Grunt
At Moonstone fisume and I switched and I went attacking in the end of the match as well. On Apace I switched in the middle of the game with Grunt.

I shall add in positions also tonight for each map Smile

Thanks Smile
[Image: 542.png]

#deathmatchers @


(04-17-2011, 06:26 PM)kojn^ Wrote: the german powerhause of fisume^ has the quad and is fragging very well...

[Image: baleset_fuyeatleo.png]

Hope Rage will be online for the next game so BOT can play a real Clangame and don't have to go with me as 5th player Confused

Nice report, kojn (A+++). Apart of a good explanation, you also have been able to make a good approach about tactics (far better than I would do). The reasons made us lose are very clear after reading it.

I want to read the 2nd part of this post!!! Smile
Xonotic player
[BOT] member

Demos or gtfo.

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