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[SUGGESTION] Projectiles/weapons fire match player color

Title says it all, since there has been a glow applied to the weapons anyway I thought it would be cool to take it a step further and apply it to the weapons fire of plasma weapons and maybe all the other ones as well. It would also be a good idea to apply the player colors to the nex glow as well, but have it go from dark to bright to indicate charge. On a side note the glow on the weapons in first person view should be toned down a bit, but left as is in third person.

Oh wait.

I suggested this too some time back too. I think it could some good eye candy and good added customization if implemented.

I think it's a good idea as well, but I wouldn't want it enabled by default (perhaps make it a mutator?). If weapon projectile color is entirely dependent on the players skin color, then all kinds of different color projectiles would be flying around. I think this would be potentially confusing to a new player, simply due to the inconsistency in colors making it difficult to identify what is being fired (though I could be wrong, I guess I would just have to see it in-game). I do however think that this should be a default setting in minsta games (if it's not already), thinking of ut2004 instagib as an example.

It would be quite complex to do this in general, as particle effects can't just be recolored. For specific guns, it shouldn't be hard though to just make 4 separate effectinfo effects, but doing that for all of them is way too much.
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Maybe only make it for team games in team color, similar to Warsow lightning gun? That way we'd have a maximum of 4 colors I think, would that help?
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like the idea!!! <3
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I agree with Halogene. If the only problem we're facing is the amount of colour, then having specific colours might make it work.
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