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[NEEDS INFO] Problems saving settings?

Alright, this is my first time trying to legitimately play Xonotic. I've searched the internet and these forums trying to figure out an answer for my problem.
Essentially where it lies is in the fact that I can't save settings for graphics, video, effects, anything actually. I can change the settings while I'm in the game and play with said settings, though, every time I close the game and re-open it, the settings are back to their defaults. I've tried this multiple times, and my multiplayer settings and everything are all reset to the default values they where when I first opened the game.
I've seen something about "compiling" the game? What is that all about, and do I need to do it/how? I am running a Vista 64 system, do I need to run the 64 bit version of the game? I'm a complete noob to this whole thing so please go easy on me and make it as simple as possible.

>>What do?

Game settings are saved in a file called config.cfg. Xonotic reads the file when it starts and then saves or updates it when you quit. On my WinXP system config.cfg is saved to "my documents/my games/xonotic/data/". Check if you have a config.cfg and if it is read only?

You can also force a save of the config.cfg with a simple command.

Open the game console (shift and escape) and type "saveconfig"

Quote:command saveconfig: save settings to config.cfg (or a specified filename) immediately (also automatic when quitting)

What version of Xonotic are you running? 0.1 preview, a balance testing version, git, rsync?

Which version of the game you're using? Because that 0.1.0 from website is VERY VERY OUTDATED. Xonotic is still in developement, and progress is made almost every day. Your problem might be solved if you run the newest version of Xonotic.

"Compiling" is to get the newest (okay, older works too Big Grin ) files and source code and build the game for you by yourself. It's something which is essential for developers, but not for the regular user. However, if you want to use these newest files and therefore the newest possible version of the game but you don't know how to use git or compile the game, check this out, this script does all the dirty job for you:

As Spaceman pointed out, I'd check for privacy and security settings in Vista first, maybe you've set your "my documents" folder read only., so that way Xonotic won't be able to write and save your configuration file.
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I am using the 0.1.0 preview from the website. I guess it's time to go get the latest version. Does anyone know where that might be? I poked around on the development wiki but it kinda just confused me, should I be looking at the latest version (on the roadmap part) for the most recent stable release?

EDIT: Hang on, I'm downloading the script that Exitium posted above, this may fix everything.

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