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[SOLVED] Where can I find custom files?

Hi everyone,

I know how to find the latest map releases (I visit but I was wondering, how do I go about finding custom weapons, character models, mods, variables, etc?



The autobuilt maps come from the dev repository, there are other maps on the mapping section of this forum.
Weapons and player models are more rare, if there is any you'll probably find it in the editing forum. But I think it's a little too early to expect such things to exist.
Mods? I don't think we have these, and in nexuiz mods weren't very popular either. This game is Free software, and quality code contribs are welcome in the dev repository, you'll find often find those "mods" as separate branches on the git server. This needs some experience with git and compiling though, and I'm not sure it's the kind of "mod" you would expect. Here is a list of branches on the data repository to see what I mean.
Variables? You mean configs? Feel free to start a thread for custom config files, but let the people know that only hand-written* configs should be posted, otherwise they aren't very usable.

* by hand-written I mean not generated by the game, those files are huge, not human-readable and contain 90% useless stuff not worth sharing

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