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[SOLVED] Disabling gore MASSIVELY increases Fps!

I've been playing Xonotic for many months now. Since the very first release I've been experiencing many slowdowns. I knew it wasn't my hardware (I have an Asus Ares, i7 process, etc). So, I thought, it must be bad coding or problems within the engine. I tried custom configs, a load of different combinations in the settings, Gboost (an application that frees up memory space and reduces CPU usage), but none of them worked.

It was only until today, when I disabled gibs, that I got an IMMENSE increase in Fps! I know it makes gameplay less realistic, but the game is sooooo much smoother!

I would encourage anyone who gets sudden slowdowns to disable gibs in the 'Player Setup' tab.


PS Couldn't someone make the gore less power hungry?

Edit: 11-09-11
Do not use the 'decals on models' setting with gibs enabled. Normal decals are fine, but the ‘decals on models’ setting doesn’t work well with gibs!

odd. gibs don't cause any slowdowns for me.
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Is it the gibs or the blood particles and decals they cause? Can you try disabling particles?

It's the gibs, the gory gibs, everybody loves gibs, especially bloody gory gibs squirting streams of juicy tofu everywhere.

* Spaceman needs more protein rich vege-gibs

Well, I think it might be that my Gibs were set to maximum... I must say that they were very excessive and exploded violently! I will muck around with the particle/gib settings to find the real cause(s) of the slowdowns tomorrow (it's getting late here!)

@Spaceman, are you saying that the gibs do cause slowdowns? Also @theShadow, what settings do you have?

Gibs have caused slowdowns since Nexuiz. I've always disabled gibs and turned up the blood particles instead. Running on AMD Phenom II x6 1100T with 8gb DDR3 and Radeon HD 6870 1gb, and it still slows me down to amazingly unplayable levels Tongue.
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Actually, gibs themselves never caused any significant slowdowns for me (neither with my old HD4890 nor with GTX 570). But when combined with "decals on models" option, it really drops fps into a bottomless pit.


That's interesting... We should get as many people as possible to describe their gib related performance issues. Something should be done about it! :-)

Meanwhile, can you provide screenshots with fps readings? showfps 1 in the console.
Test with and without particles, with and without gibs, all in the same place and looking in the same direction preferably.
You can use sv_cheats 1 and impulse 142 or 140 to make gibbable clones.

I personally don't have performance issues with gibs on flat geometry. I'll test it in complex environments.

Hi guys,

I just did some tests and I can safely say that the 'decals on models' setting DOES NOT go well with gibs.

To test my theory I created a 5-bot match with Minstagib enabled and I stood at the top of a staircase and looked down on the action as a spectator. I was using custom settings that could be described as a mix between the High and Ultra presets.

With gibs disabled and decals/decals on models enabled I got 100fps on average.

With gibs on 'lots' and decals enabled I got roughly 90fps.

With gibs on 'lots' and decals/decals on models enabled I got a very low minimum, lots of stuttering and an average fps of around 40-50fps.

Thanks for the help everyone. From now on I'll play WITHOUT decals on models enabled! Tongue

Probably gibbage decaling on itself (the blood decals that get sprayed with the
gibs getting decaled in the process). I guess add a per-model flag "don't decal
on me bro" and set this on gibs being created. Maybe set it as a countdown (don't decal on me bro 1.0 (1 second, then after can be decaled upon)? -1 == never decal upon me, 0 == decal on me whatever.

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