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[NEEDS INFO] Stuttering Issue

Hi guys,

I was wondering, is it normal for the audio to stutter in Xonotic? Whenever I load a map, open the menu or even start the game, the audio stutters. I also get graphical stutters during gameplay... I while back I somehow managed to fix it (to a degree anyway), but now it's come back. Dodgy

I've tried allocating more memory to the textures, adding custom configs and experimenting with the settings, but they don't fix the problem...

I am the only one who experiences this?



PS Here is an interesting message regarding the Xonotic stuttering issue:

PPS Here's some more info about the problem.

Are you using the 0.5 release or GIT? Also what OS and executable are you using?
I have some sound stutter issues too with GIT, windows and the GLX executable (still trying to figure out what makes it happen). The SDL executable does work fine tough, so perhaps it will for you too - as a temporary solution.

Thanks for the suggestion :-)
The Xonotic 0.5 SDL (32bit) works fine. Oddly, though, the 64bit version's sound doesn't synch properly. I made a bug ticket here.

Sorry for thread resurrection, but I still experience visual stuttering. Luckily though, it's only at the very start of matches. Firing a gun, exploding into gore and other things cause some stutter, but it goes away after a couple of minutes.

As for the audio, well I use Xonotic-64bit and (strangely) with the WickedX theme enabled, the stutters are rare and minor.

Can you set developer to 1 and watch your console output when it happens?

... look one thread below this one (or a few if things shifted)


(06-05-2012, 12:22 PM)hutty Wrote: ... look one thread below this one (or a few if things shifted)


Now that's helpful.

Link: Freezing when picking up items

I don't think the issue is related. This here issue is related to audio output, the other is precache-related.

Well if you read my posts more carefully, you'll notice that I mentioned both visual AND audio stutter. Tongue

If it's the same thing as the ALSA issue I remember from a while ago, then bad audio output caused gfx stutter. The other issue is related to caching because it only occurs when displaying picked up items for the first time. Do you feel your issue is the same as the one in that other thread? Can you try developer 1?

Quote:Do you feel your issue is the same as the one in that other thread?

Yes. I will try 'developer 1' once my PC is back up and running (it's undergoing some cleaning atm Big Grin).

Quote:Bad audio output caused gfx stutter

Really? So the sound effects the graphics? I thought it was to do with gfx memory and Samual said that a pre-cache would solve it.

It sometimes does. I don't know how and in what circumstances, but we had problems with ALSA that caused enormous console spam and gfx issues. I don't know if it's the console spam that caused the lag or the audio itself.

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