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[NEED HELP] Weird Display Issue w/ Benchmarking Autobuild

Hi all,

I've been having a really weird issue with the latest autobuild of Xonotic. When I start it up and run in 1024x768, everything's fine, my monitor adjusts to a 4:3 pillarboxed aspect ratio, life is good. When I start The Big Benchmark, only about 50% of the game is shown. It looks something like this:
[Image: 1ueedtv]

I can see the top of the gun close to the bottom-right corner of the screen, and, needless to say, watching the benchmark run is very disorienting.


This doesn't happen in the 0.7 release. Any idea what's going on? Taking a screenshot with the print screen key doesn't help, as it just shows this:
[Image: 1ueeRr2]

Latest autobuild uses SDL2 by default on most systems, this may be part of the problem.

On another note, the big benchmark is supposed to be run on the latest stable release of Xonotic anyway.
[Image: 230.png]

Ah, ok. I was told a while ago on these forums by edh that performance should be equivalent between the two and that the benchmark script itself was better on the autobuild for some reason..

Off topic here, how much VRAM does Xonotic need for the Ultimate preset on TBB? I only have 2GB of RAM in the system and 256 MB is dedicated to the graphics. From omg to normal the framerate was more or less a linear decrease, then the framerate dropped drastically from normal to high and then continued on in a roughly linear fashion. Would this have anything to do with increased RAM requirements for the higher settings? If it does, will taking another 256 MB away from the system affect Xonotic?

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