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[NEEDS INFO] disconnected from server models version issue


Some of you may know my moniker from playing classic nexuiz. I like to check this out once i awhile and see what progress is being made. (I did try a forum searh w/o luck)

Before staring up xonotic, I ran

./all pull default

Then I tried to run the game. It would load and I selected a server. The server loads, but then I'm disconnected from the server with an error message to the effect:

Only version 1 models are being accepted

A filename with path follows that message.

Any suggestions?


The Couch_Potato


./all checkout
./all compile -c

will fix it
BRLOGENSHFEGLE (core dumped)

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This page explains keeping your copy up to date with ./all update

BTW I remember playing your on HODM (me under a different name). If your having trouble finding people online from the usa, join #xonotic.pickup you'll probably be able to pick up a usa dueler.

Well, aren't you {dear}Couch_Aardappel? (Aardappel is Dutch for potato Big Grin)

Then you are not American Tongue

And I say: Hello my dear friend!

Thanks for your replies. Sorry for not getting back sooner. Been busy. However, I am in the middle of rebuilding my install. I blew away my previous git release folders and am presently updating with ./all update -l best. My previous problems might stem from me moving all files from xonotic/ folder to my .xonotic folder. Apparently from a previous setup to actually run xonotic, I went into the xonotic folder start the program and give it the path to the rest of the game under the .xonotic folder. I still had the problem of getting bumped off the server, but starting over at least will have me up to date.


The Couch_Potato

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