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Popularity issue persisting after 0.5 release

DCC servers are hosted by sxen iirc. Regarding their website they are managed by C.Brutail, esteel and |nsb|sxen. Maybe you should write a mail to dccdelight [@] vapor [dot] com , since sxen is rarely on IRC.

All of them kinda vanished (their IRC bouncer lately), thus they did not move yet.
DCC = "Meh" anyway. Smile

Yes, it is indeed time to get Nexuiz server owners to switch. We have a good game with players now, so we have that stability many of the server owners have been wanting. Also, i've been trying to get in contact with them as much as I can.... so far no reply. (DCC, that is)

(10-28-2011, 10:53 AM)Mirio Wrote: All of them kinda vanished (their IRC bouncer lately), thus they did not move yet.
DCC = "Meh" anyway. Smile

I'm kinda here Wink

The IRC bouncer is still there. It's on ARCNet. Btw. I'll try to ping esteel or Olli too, maybe I can reach them.
But I'll have to inform the Nexuiz players too before we'll switch the servers.
I have a good idea for that btw. I'll place ase models on the maps (misc_gamemodels) with an external file.
The adverts will stay like that for 2-3 weeks, so everybody can prepare for the change.
In case we can get Olli to change the servers.

Also, to solve the ease on the popularity issues, I've taken a bit more responsibility on PR. Let's see how that turns out Wink
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Glad to hear it Brutail!

What I meant by official server was like what Tremulous has. There are only 20 or so people online sometimes, but 18 of them are on one server!

And on the unfairness to server owners: We're trying to do things for the benefit of the game and the players, not the server owners.
Noobing around since three hours ago.

I doubt some designated official server/s would change much. ppl go where thees other ppl, be it an official server or not. If we had a situation with few ppl spread on many server it could help, but we do not afaik. There is of course ppl who diehard dig some mode, like minsta etc. but those ppl wont play on a official server anyway (unless its in "their mode"). IMO, the best bet now is to continue spreading he word / doing pr work.

Of course the change should be well planned, players should get plenty of advance warning. I too think Xonotic is now stable enough to ask people to switch in large numbers. Maybe the devs could tell us if THEY think Xonotic is now indeed ready. Are there big balance changes planned for example, which might scare people off again? I don't think there are, and I also think current Nexuiz players will be pleasantly surprised with 0.5.

If DCC switches, their loyal following might hopefully follow and on a personal note: I really miss that server right now. The server list looks full enough at first glance, but I dearly miss a good DM server where my ping is acceptable and I'm sure others do too. Well, I might set up a server myself. One 8 player DM server should not cost TOO much... right? :S

I dislike going into a game and trying to round up users for a different game, no matter how high we think or moral high ground is located at. That should come from server owners and (to Infofoed) it is already a good reason to be kind to server admins. Also: they mostly pay for those servers with their own pocket money so that players can play for free. It is something to not take too lightly.
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Based of i see no game changing things in a near future. Personally i consider Xonotic quite stable now (more so then Nexuiz ever was, again imo). This is of course a bit of a chicken-egg situation, as with more ppl playing there will quite likely be more opinions on what game-play should be like. Non the less, i think the current "path" should be acceptable for most ppl.

Question / suggestion: Can anyone contact the owner of the DCC servers? For many years, he's been running several Nexuiz servers, which IIRC are some of the most popular (Beginner Delight for beginners, Plain Delight for DM, Pussy Delight for minstagib DM, Laid Back Delight for CTF). If he could move these to Xonotic (or run Xonotic versions too) that could improve popularity a lot! He could run both the Nexuiz and Xonotic ones for now, and notify about Xonotic in Nexuiz, to help people know.

I think I vaguely remember asking about this before, and someone saying they'd rather wait for Xonotic to reach 1.0 before moving the DCC servers over. But it's been a while and I don't remember clearly. As far as I'm concerned, 0.5 is as good as a final release for now, and having at least both versions of the DCC servers could help a lot. So I thought to suggest.

I meant with the IRC bouncers not the rcon2irc, I meant for example esteel (not logged in here for almost a year) and Green Marine (<- The only one in IRC from time to time is sxen.

There's a reason we're still 0.5 and not 1.0 -- There's quite a lot to still be done with gameplay/maps/single player/game code/vehicles.... To say we're about half way there is just right, imo.

but yes, work with the server owners and do PR... That's the key now.

Now I don't mean to beat the dead horse, and sorry I keep pushing this, but what I want to come out of the official server button is to have people directed to the 'normal' parts of the game, instead of joining a race or insta map.

But anyways, I also think we need to get to mainstream gaming websites, not just open source gaming websites.
Noobing around since three hours ago.

I think an "official server button" is the best way to keep nexuiz server admins off from migrating. What's wrong with that Beckstein vs Stoiber server btw?

Well, its not always slow on public servers:
[Image: K7h24s.jpg]


(10-30-2011, 06:59 PM)tZork Wrote: Well, its not always slow on public servers:
[Image: K7h24s.jpg]


I was in that for a while and I did awesomely well Big Grin I guess the Mon overkill server is the official server xD
Noobing around since three hours ago.

I play on that server too sometimes. Like the mods Smile

There is a Xonotic logo for servers with default settings in the serverlist.

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